DC Gives Infamous Justice League Cover a New Hilarious Twist

One of the most iconic Justice League covers is getting updated with a comical twist. As heroes Fire and Ice get ready for their all-new series, they’re bringing back a familiar group shot from Justice League International’s heyday.

The September solicitations for DC Comics have been released, giving fans a peek at what to expect from the fallout of its upcoming Knight Terrors event. Not only is Batman going to war with Catwoman for control of Gotham, but Wonder Woman and Flash are relaunching their series with new number-one issues. Completely new series will also debut such as Power Girl, Blue Beetle, and Fire & Ice: Welcome to Smallville.


The new comic picks up exactly where the backup story featured in the recent Power Girl Special #1 left off and sees Beatriz and Tora relocate to Smallville after an embarrassing public incident. The issue comes with several variants from artists like David Nakayama, Amanda Conner, and Jen Bartel. But the most intriguing variant comes from artist Kevin Maguire, who recreates his infamous cover for Justice League #1. But instead of an over-packed group shot, the cover merely shows Fire and Ice surrounded by empty space wondering where everyone is.

Justice League’s Iconic Cover is Updated Again

Fire and Ice Welcome to Smallville Maguire Cover DC

Justice League #1’s cover is one of the most iconic comic book covers of all time. Even casual comic book readers have likely seen some variation of the iconic pose. The original cover by Kevin Maguire shows a then-updated version of the Justice League with surprising additions such as Mister Miracle, Black Canary (in her beleaguered 80s outfit), and Green Lantern Guy Gardner who looks to the reader and asks “Wanna make somethin’ of it?“. Since its publication, the cover has been lampooned by series like Justice League Europe, Young Justice, and Deathstroke.

Maguire’s variant for Fire & Ice: Welcome to Smallville isn’t even the first time the artist has recreated his iconic cover. In 2020, during the height of the COVID pandemic, Maguire drew a PSA promoting social distancing and mask-wearing that showed the team giving each other much more space. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Justice League International, Maguire updated the art so the team’s members were 35 years older. The new cover continues a beloved tradition that captures the playful spirit of the team that Fire and Ice once belonged to.

It’s Fire and Ice’s Time to Shine on New Justice League Cover

Fire and Ice Welcome to Smallville Bartel Cover DC

It’s been years since Justice League International was a thing, but the team’s humor and spirit have stuck with many of its members in the years since the title ended. Fire & Ice: Welcome to Smallville isn’t out just yet, but based on the backup from Power Girl Special #1, it promises to carry the same action-packed, yet whimsical charm the JLI had. Maguire’s cover might look odd, being empty save for the two heroes. But it also assures fans that the duo’s next chapter will be just as thrilling and humourous as their days with the JLI was. Fans can get Kevin Maguire’s Justice League-style variant when Fire & Ice: Welcome to Smallville #1 releases September 5th.

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