Day One Include Emily Blunt? Franchise Star Has Cheeky Response

Emily Blunt has a cheeky but evasive response when questioned about the potential of her character, Evelyn Abbott, showing up in A Quiet Place: Day One. Blunt’s Evelyn is one of the main characters in the A Quiet Place franchise. A Quiet Place first premiered in 2018 and was directed by Blunt’s husband, John Krasinski, who also starred alongside her in the film. The film imagines a family surviving in silence in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by extraterrestrial species who rely on hearing to attack their victims. A Quiet Place spawned two sequels and now a spinoff film, A Quiet Place: Day One.


In an interview with Deadline, Blunt had a coy response to the question of whether she would appear in A Quiet Place: Day One. The film will be a spin-off/prequel that captures the earliest days of the extraterrestrial invasion. Since it’s still set in A Quiet Place‘s universe, many have wondered if the original film’s stars will at least cameo in the spinoff. When asked about her potential appearance, Blunt stated that viewers will have to wait and see the film to understand its premise and perspective and acknowledged she’s not at liberty to disclose “everything.” Check out her statement below:

[Smiling] This is Lupita’s movie. You’ll see why when you see it. It will all make sense. This is just new chapters of it and new ways of looking at what went down. I can’t say everything.

Should The Abbott Family Be In A Quiet Place: Day One?

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With A Quiet Place: Day One set to premiere in early 2024, the lack of evidence that any of the franchise’s original stars will show up in the spinoff film is disappointing. However, the spinoff may actually benefit from excluding Blunt and the rest of the stars. After all, A Quiet Place: Day One will already be hard-pressed to differentiate itself from the A Quiet Place films without welcoming back familiar faces. Its plot is already slightly similar, as it will follow another individual’s attempts to survive its post-apocalyptic world.

While both A Quiet Place films take place at least a year after the initial alien invasion, A Quiet Place II opens with a flashback to the onset of the invasion. Hence, A Quiet Place: Day One will have to avoid too closely resembling both the Abbott family’s methods of survival and that chaotic opening sequence. At the same time, it does dive deep into a period the films haven’t yet explored. While the Abbotts seemed to recede into seclusion, A Quiet Place: Day One might explore what happened to society as a whole.

Meanwhile, the Abbotts story is confirmed to be continuing in 2025 with A Quiet Place III, so it seems unnecessary to crowd them into a prequel film, too. Plus, one A Quiet Place II star, Djimon Hounsou, is already set to appear in A Quiet Place: Day One, meaning there will be some crossover that confirms the stories exist in the same world. While most viewers would likely love for Blunt to appear in A Quiet Place: Day One, she may have a point that there’s a separation between this film and the originals for a reason.

Source: Deadline

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