Danny’s 6 Potential Alters In The Crowded Room & How They Help Him

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for The Crowded Room episode 6!In The Crowded Room episode 6, a switch in perspective occurs as viewers witness the events of the last few episodes from Rya Goodwin’s perspective, which shed light on her involvement with the Danny Sullivan case and his condition. It is revealed that Rya Goodwin is a professor and psychologist, who seeks a grant to advance her research on various mental disorders. However, she faces gender bias at her university, as she is overlooked in favor of male professors, and is advised to find an alternative area of study to garner support. Rya is soon approached by a detective who presents her with the case file for Danny Sullivan, who he suspects has an undiagnosed psychological condition.

As Rya interviews Danny, she unravels deeper layers of his traumatic past and assesses that he has Dissociative Identity Disorder. While Danny seemingly remains oblivious to these distinct personalities, viewers are left to contemplate who his alters are within his story. The Crowded Room is inspired by the true story of Billy Milligan, the first person to be judged not guilty of a violent crime because of DID, so his identities may shed some light on Danny’s alters. Within the narrative of The Crowded Room, six key characters emerge as likely representations of Danny’s diverse alters, each having a unique purpose to help him navigate the challenges in his life.

5 Jack

The Crowded Room episode 4: Jack at table 

In The Crowded Room episode 6, Jack emerges as a definitive personality controlling Danny’s behavior, as Jack and Rya have engaged in extensive discussions about Danny’s well-being. Rya’s statement in episode 4, “I think it’s time he knows the truth,” becomes clear as it pertains to Jack having hidden the realization of the alters from Danny. Jack seems to serve as the embodiment of structure and control. The initial encounter between Jack and Danny in The Crowded Room takes place in London, where Danny sets out to find his father, but he instead finds Jack, who guides him through the city.

During their time together, Jack imparts a valuable lesson in bravery, ultimately convincing Danny to return home to face the consequences of his actions. Significantly, Jack becomes the father figure Danny had always longed for, stepping in when Danny needs guidance the most. Jack assumes the role of a guardian angel, fulfilling the role Danny has yearned for in his life. Jack’s presence and influence become paramount in The Crowded Room, showcasing his profound impact on Danny’s journey of self-discovery and growth.

4 Ariana

The Crowded Room episode 2: Ariana leading on a chair in Ghost House kitchen 

After Yitzak rescues Danny from a violent assault, he meets Ariana, who soon becomes his closest companion. The first moment they share together, Ariana makes Danny a BLT, which mirrors the way his mother made him the sandwich in The Crowded Room episode 1. Ariana says, “In for a penny, in for a pound,” to which Danny responds that his mother always said that. Their shared experiences of trauma also bring them closer. As their friendship blossoms, Danny decides that he’ll get Ariana a gun so she can feel safe. Encouraged by Ariana, Danny goes with her to confront her abuser, who is revealed as none other than Marlin, Danny’s stepfather.

Ariana provides nurturing care and friendship to Danny when he feels isolated and alone, similar to his mother. She also understands his trauma and gives him the strength and confidence to shoot the gun at his abusive stepfather. Additionally, Ariana’s sexual openness contrast with Danny’s in The Crowded Room, which is evident with Annabelle, where Ariana is kissing her and Danny is just sitting idly by. Ariana emerges as a pivotal figure in Danny’s life, offering him compassion, confidence, and the strength to confront his demons.

3 Yitzak Safdie

The Crowded Room: Yitzak on the fence outside of the Ghost House

In The Crowded Room, Yitzak is shown for the first time when Danny is getting beaten up by the bullies from school. Yitzak defends Danny and serves his protector, as he offers Danny refuge in the “Ghost House,” which provides Danny with a sanctuary from the troubles of the outside world. Yitzak even stands up to Marlin when he tells Danny to come back home. Furthermore, Yitzak defends Danny once again when he shields him and Annabelle from the drug dealer’s attack.

His unwavering loyalty and strength guard Danny from the people in the world that try to hurt him. Yitzak even plays a significant role in Danny’s journey to London, as he provides the means to travel there and search for his father. Yitzak’s presence as Danny’s alter instills him with newfound strength and resilience, which allows him to confront oppressive individuals without fear. While Yitzak and Ariana disappear after the Rockefeller Center incident, they could still return and control Danny’s behavior in The Crowded Room‘s future.

2 Mike & Jonny

The Crowded Room Episode 1: Adam with Mike & Johnny

In The Crowded Room, Danny’s school friends, Mike and Jonny, play a significant role in his life because they pull Danny out of his introverted shell, as the pair drags him to social events. While Danny tends to be reserved, Mike exudes the confidence of a popular jock, and Jonny is witty and possesses skills in magic tricks that help Danny escape the confines of the cuffs he’s put in. Additionally, Jonny and Mike are the ones who convince Danny to speak to Annabelle and sell drugs to impress her.

Evidence of Mike and Jonny being two of the alters is seen during the party Danny throws, as it is just them and eventually Ariana before any of the other students show up. Additionally, when Annabelle enters the scene, it is clear that she is only conversing with Danny in the main room, as she makes no indication of being aware of others in the area, meaning that Danny was the one conveying the information about the availability of weed and drinks. During his high school years, Mike and Jonny bring Danny out of his shell and permit him more confidence while also providing much-needed friendship.

1 Adam

The Crowded Room Episode 5: Adam and Danny on the bus

Adam potentially being revealed as one of Danny’s personalities in The Crowded Room would be profound, as he plays a crucial role in helping shield Danny from the trauma of sexual abuse from their stepfather, Marlin. When Rya speaks to Candy about Adam, she says, “That’s Adam. He’s been gone a long time, which may be inferred as suggesting Adam is simply dead. However, it could also imply that Adam stopped taking over Danny’s behavior during Marlin’s abuse as Danny grew older. What happened to Adam in The Crowded Room is still a mystery, which may be because Danny wanted to keep the memories of the traumatic experiences suppressed.

Adam serves as Danny’s protector and friend, and Danny frequently expresses his regret for not being able to save him, which could also imply his inability to save himself. As Adam was Danny’s childhood best friend and the one who shielded Danny from such terrible abuse, it’s understandable why Danny feels Adam’s absence so deeply. The truth behind Adam and the other characters in The Crowded Room should be unveiled as the series unfolds, as it continues to shed light on the complexity of Danny’s psyche and his journey toward healing from his past trauma.

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