Criminal Minds Fans Share Their Picks For Best Unit Chief (& There Are Two Frontrunners)

Fans have two clear favorites when discussing their best Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) Chief in Criminal Minds. After a 15-year stint at CBS, the profilers recently returned to the small screen via Paramount+’s Criminal Minds: Evolution. As the public waits for the sequel show’s second season, fans are looking back at the show’s overall run and choosing their best Unit Chief.


Taking to Twitter, Criminal Minds fans debate their picks for best BAU Chief, and looking at the tweets, Aaron Hotchner and Emily Prentiss tend to top the list. Jason Gideon lands third, which isn’t that surprising considering the impact he’s had on the team long after Mandy Patinkin left Criminal Minds. It’s interesting, however, that fans chose the most recent BAU chiefs as their favorites, despite the way the transition from Hotch to Prentiss panned out. Check out a selection of tweets below:

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Will Hotch Return In Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2?

Hotch and Reid announce a profile in Criminal Minds

It’s no secret that Thomas Gibson’s sudden exit from Criminal Minds in season 12 remains the show’s most controversial departure. Despite the unexpected firing, CBS was able to find a way to explain the character’s absence: Hotch decided to enter witness protection to keep him and his only son, Jack, safe. Once Mr. Scratch was finally taken down by the BAU, Hotch decided to leave the FBI permanently and focus on raising Jack.

That being said, it may be the perfect time to bring Hotch back to Criminal Minds. Mr. Scratch is gone and Jack is already older – he may even be in college by now, which means he wouldn’t need his dad to supervise him all the time. This gives Hotch the clear to return for Paramount+’s Criminal Minds revival. But, while there’s no narrative hindrance for his reunion with the BAU, the way Gibson was let go makes it virtually impossible for him to reprise his role as Hotch. Recasting the character might be the only way to utilize him again.

For now, Prentiss will remain the BAU Chief. She has held the role for several years, even spearheaded the team during the tricky COVID years, and it’s safe to say she has done a great job. Considering the pressure she’s had to deal with in the past, though, it wouldn’t hurt if she gets some help from her Criminal Minds predecessor.

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