Creepy Umbrella Academy Theory Explains Allison’s Controversial Story

The Umbrella Academy season 3 was packed with twists and shocking moments, among them Allison’s (Emmy Raver-Lampman) controversial villain transformation, which now a creepy theory is trying to explain. The Umbrella Academy season 3 brought a bunch of problems for the Hargreeves as they landed on a timeline where their team was never formed. This and other changes in the timeline not only triggered another apocalypse but also various problems among the Hargreeves, with Allison being the one most affected by these. While most of the Umbrellas continued their personal journeys, Allison’s took a turn and ended up becoming one of season 3’s villains.


The Hargreeves made some major discoveries in The Umbrella Academy season 3, mainly that the real enemy had always been their father, Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore). In order to get what he wanted, Reginald used Allison, who was already fragile due to changes in this timeline, and made a deal with her that would mostly benefit him. By then, Allison had already transformed into one of this season’s villains, which was one of the most controversial moments of the season, and though the main reason for her transformation was shown, a theory suggests that Allison’s villain transformation was caused by her own powers.

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Theory: Allison Rumoring Herself Triggered Her Villain Transformation

Umbrella Academy Allison rumoring herself in season 3

Every member of the Umbrella Academy went through personal struggles in season 3, but only Allison ended up betraying her siblings by becoming an enemy. Arguably, the one who lost the most in the new timeline was Allison, who discovered that her daughter, Claire, wasn’t hers. As a result, Allison became desperate to find a way to return to their original timeline. After seeing that Luther was no longer on her side and without a way to return to her timeline, Allison used her powers and rumored herself in front of the mirror into being happy, which according to a theory, broke her mind.

A Reddit user shared their theory on what truly happened to Allison in The Umbrella Academy season 3 that led her to become a villain, suggesting it was due to her self-rumor. According to the author, by rumoring herself, Allison created a blip between her personality and her rumor powers, with the latter taking control after she rumored herself. This can be supported by how Allison was definitely not happy after rumoring herself and actually punched the mirror in anger. From that moment on, Allison was completely different, driven by anger and resentment, and went as far as to kill Harlan and even rumored Luther into wanting her, which is one of the most disturbing scenes in The Umbrella Academy.

The author of the theory adds that, supposing Allison’s rumor powers are the reason for her villain transformation, Allison will go through an “interpersonal conflict” in The Umbrella Academy season 4, and even compared her situation to how the Ring in Lord of the Rings demands to be wanted and used.

Does Umbrella Academy’s Allison Theory Actually Work?

Umbrella Academy season 3 Allison and Five

Although three seasons of The Umbrella Academy have passed, there’s still a lot about the Hargreeves’ powers that is unknown. The Netflix series has made various changes to the comic books, so these can’t fill in the gaps that the series has left about the characters, their powers, and more. That said, it’s unclear what the effects of rumoring oneself could be, though it was understood by how Allison failed to make herself happy in season 3 that she can’t rumor herself. This means that her attitude and actions following her self-rumoring attempt were just the consequence of all of her frustration and anger, instead of the result of a glitch in her personality and powers.

Now, supposing that her powers can be used on herself (after all, the vocal rings were seen entering her ears and her eyes went white), it’s unknown how much these can affect her. Allison can manipulate people’s minds and realities with her powers, but she was in a lot of pain and full of anger when she rumored herself, which could certainly have unwanted effects on her powers.

Umbrella Academy’s Allison Theory Shows Why Her Story Was So Controversial

Umbrella Academy season 3 Allison

The Umbrella Academy season 3 was full of twists and turns, but its most controversial moments were due to Allison’s dark storyline. Allison’s villain turn felt very out of place as she had previously served as one of the characters who were key in keeping the team together, and now she was the one breaking the group. Allison killing Harlan, sexually assaulting Luther because she couldn’t handle him being happy with Sloane, and betraying her siblings by making a deal with Reginald for her own benefit are the moments that made her story in season 3 so controversial, and needing a theory like the one above to explain her character development further shows how strange and bad her character development was.

Allison is already set to be an antagonist in The Umbrella Academy season 4, especially as she’s the only one who got what she wanted in the new, current timeline. Whether her self-rumor was the cause of her transformation into a villain or not will most likely remain unclear, but with The Umbrella Academy ending with season 4, it’s expected that she will have her redemption moment after all the pain and chaos she caused.

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