Chris Hemsworth’s 2 New Franchises Prove He No Longer Needs The MCU (But It Needs Him)

Chris Hemsworth’s performance in the Extraction and Mad Max franchises suggests that he no longer needs to depend on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although it may still need him. His potential in the respective franchises is fairly great — Netflix’s Extraction has been well-received, and Mad Max is already an enormously successful franchise. Hemsworth taking on roles in these franchises, coupled with how much he’s liked in such roles, limits the chance he will continue on playing the “God of Thunder,” Thor, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


In Extraction, and consequently the new Extraction 2, Hemsworth acts as the film’s main protagonist, a black market mercenary for hire named Tyler. The character he plays is of great significance to the films and overall franchise, just as his character in the titular Mad Max franchise will be; Hemsworth is slated to play the Furiosa prequel film’s central villain, Dr. Dementus. Both franchises were or are highly anticipated by interested audiences, making it harder to predict a solid future for the actor and his superhero character in the MCU.

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction 2

Netflix just dropped the sequel film Extraction 2, where Hemsworth reprises his role as the hardcore mercenary recruited to yet another dangerous extraction mission. Extraction 2 is already gaining traction with audiences, making due on the action while reigniting a fervor for the original film. The fire lit under both consecutive movies promises that the Extraction franchise could grow to include a prospective Extraction 3 film and a demand for Hemsworth’s continued performance in the movies, which could pose a bright future for all parties involved.

Similarly, Hemsworth’s involvement in the Mad Max franchise could be big enough to concern the actor with a continued role as Dr. Dementus and/or more features in the future. The Dementus role alongside Furiosa’s returning cast of characters is thought to come as a star-studded treat in a proud addition to a franchise that thus far has become a cultural staple in cinema. Hemsworth would benefit from roles in both the Extraction and Mad Max franchises because it would give him the chance to detach from Thor, a character he’s played for a long time, and show that he’s well suited for other roles, especially ones submerged in action.

The MCU Still Needs Thor (But Will He Return?)

Chris Hemsworth in Thor Love and Thunder

Hemsworth’s commission of new undertakings does place his Marvel Cinematic Universe Thor role in question. Marvel undoubtedly needs the God of Thunder, one of its marquee names, and to a great degree, now that the MCU has made big changes since the familiar faces in Avengers: Endgame faced paramount challenges. Marvel audiences would certainly appreciate an Avengers regular among all the new heroes, actors, and storylines Marvel has either been featuring or setting up for the future of the universe.

Whether Hemsworth will return to his superhero role is still largely debatable. In an appearance with the podcast Happy Sad Confused, Hemsworth confessed that a return would take some changes; he has said:

“It would have to be a drastically different version…just for my own sanity. I’ve had such a unique opportunity with Infinity War and Endgame to do very drastic things with the character. I enjoy that […] It keeps me on my toes […] when it becomes too familiar, I thinkn there’s a risk in getting lazy.”

His confession neither confirms nor denies his future within the MCU. However, the promise within the Mad Max and Extractions franchise ensures Chris Hemsworth’s career will be just fine.

Source: Josh Horowitz/YouTube

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