Chilling Star Wars Theory Reveals The Real Reason Leia Never Became A Jedi

A Star Wars theory surrounding Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker could explain the real reason why Leia did not become a fully-fledged Jedi. In the film, it was established that Leia once trained under her brother Luke to become a Jedi. The training even went far enough that Leia crafted her own lightsaber, though eventually, she decided to abandon the path of the Jedi and become involved in New Republic politics.


As is known from the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Leia’s Force powers were inherited by her son, Ben Solo. Ben then went on to train with Luke, with The Rise of Skywalker explaining why Leia chose to abandon her training, leaving the ways of the Jedi to Ben. This explanation has spawned a dark theory, that could uncover the true meaning behind why Leia did not continue to train as a Jedi in a tragic turn of events, despite Leia potentially being a stronger Jedi than Yoda.

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Rise Of Skywalker’s Explanation Why Leia Never Became A Jedi Is Tragic

Leia Organa training to be a Jedi in The Rise of Skywalker

The explanation given by Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker as to why Leia never completed her Jedi training is tragic enough as it is. Apparently, Leia would receive visions and dreams that Ben’s life would be in danger should she complete her Jedi training. This is a classic Star Wars trope and links Leia to her father more closely. Throughout the prequel trilogy, Anakin would receive Force visions of his mother and Padmé dying, which led him to Emperor Palpatine as a means of becoming powerful enough to save them.

It is interesting then, that Leia had similar visions. During her training with Luke, she would receive these visions seemingly confirming that Ben would die if she became a Jedi. While this is not explained much further, a dark theory could make The Rise of Skywalker more tragic. This reasoning is sad as it is, with Ben Solo eventually dying anyway despite Leia leaving the Jedi Order, but this theory surrounding Palpatine himself could prove it was all part of the Sith Lord’s plan.

Were Leia’s Visions From The Force… Or From Palpatine?

Emperor Palpatine Star wars

Of course, Leia’s visions could have come from the Force itself. The Force has been shown to move in mysterious ways, guiding Jedi through their paths in a way that best provides balance. However, this theory claims that the visions actually come directly from Palpatine. In some Star Wars books and comics in canon, it has been hinted that Force users extremely powerful with the dark side could send pseudo-prophetic dreams into the minds of Jedi in order to guide them down certain paths and benefit their dark ways.

This would further explain the tragedy of Leia abandoning the Jedi. It is hard to imagine the Force sending visions to Leia stating that Ben would die unless she left the Order, only to betray her when Ben dies in The Rise of Skywalker anyway. With Palpatine though, it would make sense for a man as twisted as he is to use Ben’s death against Leia to force her to quit the Jedi, especially as he knew these similar visions were what drove Anakin to the dark side.

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Why Palpatine Wanted To Stop Leia From Becoming A Jedi

Princess Leia and Palpatine in front of the Senate

Palpatine being the culprit for these visions also makes sense, as he would want Leia to abandon her Jedi training. Palpatine knows that the only threat to his power throughout all nine Skywalker Saga movies has been the Jedi. While he dealt with the Jedi of the prequels almost entirely successfully, Luke and Anakin proved that the Jedi will always be around to return balance to the Force. As a result, Palpatine’s plan post-Return of the Jedi for the Final Order likely meant that he feared the Jedi rising up once again to oppose him.

Therefore, Palpatine sending Leia visions in order to make her leave her Jedi training results in one less Jedi to go against him. Furthermore, Leia has the blood of Darth Vader, meaning Palpatine likely feared two offspring of the Chosen One going up against him. Similarly, if Leia had walked the path of a Jedi, she likely would have been part of Luke’s academy on Ossus. This would have made it much more difficult for Palpatine to infect Ben’s heart with the dark side, as she was proven to be what turned him back to the light. This dark Star Wars theory makes sense, making Leia’s journey even more tragic.

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