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The Hulu original series The Great turns the real-life history of the Russian monarchy into witty black comedy, but will there be The Great season 4? Debuting in 2020 to rave reviews, the show chronicles the rise of Catherine the Great as Empress of Russia (Elle Fanning) and dramatizes her strained relationship with her husband, Peter III (Nicholas Hoult). Often praised for its clever writing and brilliant performances, The Great presents history as a spectacle and often plays fast and loose with accuracy. Nevertheless, the show’s humor has always been its most potent weapon, and it presents the character of Catherine the Great like she’s never been seen before.


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The streaming service Hulu has thrown its hat in the original content ring with hit shows like The Handmaids Tale, but The Great is unique among the deluge of original streaming content because of its tone. Eschewing the typical stuffiness of other historical series, The Great instead chooses to tell the story in a much more vivid way which has made it a gripping ride from start to finish. Though there are aspects of The Great that are historically accurate, the series has intentionally positioned itself as “anti-historical” which has allowed for fascinating deviations from the real story.

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The Great Season 4 Latest News

Queen Agnes in The Great

In the latest The Great season 4 news, Elle Fanning talked about the possibility of a new season and what it might entail thanks to the end of the third season’s story. Fanning joked that they weren’t very historically accurate at the end of season 3, which is par for the course for this show. It has always played loose with history, and the death of Nicholas Hoult’s Peter the III was part of that. “It had to happen at some point,” Fanning said. Creator Tony McNamara added that “I think he officially died of hemorrhoids, but that didn’t seem very dramatic” (via Crew Call with Anthony D’Alessandro).

When asked if there was going to be The Great season 4, Fanning said, “We’re waiting to see. We hope so.” When asked about what Catherine the Great is going to go through if there is a season 4, including finding her own autonomy, Fanning had a few ideas. She said that when Catherine was pregnant in season 2, it was protection because no one would kill her when she was pregnant with the heir. However, now that Paul has been born, Catherine sees the baby as her enemy, and she realizes she has many more enemies in the court that she can’t trust.

“Catherine is savvy and clever, and she knows those things… Tony and I haven’t talked at all about what our next season would be, but I know he has a plan… You finally see her stepping into her own and willing to do things she never would have done before.”

The Great Season 4 Is Not Confirmed

Catherine stands near the ocean in The Great

Despite the overwhelming popularity of the series, no word has come regarding The Great season 4. Hulu, like most other streamers, is pretty tight-lipped about its viewership numbers, but the fact that the series has earned three seasons speaks to its popularity. Fortunately, it won’t likely take long to hear updates about the future fate of the series after season 3. The Great season 1 aired in May 2020, and Hulu announced the renewal for season 2 just a few months later in July of that year. The Great season 3 releases May 12, 2023, so if The Great season 4 is happening, an announcement could be coming in July 2023.

The Great Season 4 Release Date

Catherine stands among the other nobles in The Great

Unlike network programs that follow a stricter yearly schedule, streaming shows like The Great have the luxury of extending their productions for the sake of improving the quality, but that might mean season 4 takes a while to arrive. Based on the production schedule of previous seasons, it is highly unlikely that The Great season 4 will arrive at the same time of year that season 3 did. Instead, it is more plausible that the release will mirror season 2 which arrived well over a year after season 1. Based on that extrapolation, the earliest The Great season 4 could air is sometime around November 2024.

The Great Season 4 Cast

Peter and Catherine hold their baby Paul in The Great

Considering The Great season 3’s real-life history, the only character who is guaranteed to return for The Great season 4 is Catherine herself. Since the show hinges more on the relationship between Catherine and Peter than it does on historical accuracy, it was surprising to learn that Hoult will not return as Peter III after his character died in the last season. Not only that, but Hoult played more than one character, and his second character – Yemelyan Pugachev.- died as well. Sacha Dhawan as Orlo will also not return, as he died as well.

It is highly likely that series mainstays like Phoebe Fox as Mariel, Gwilym Lee as Grigor, Adam Godley as Archie, Belinda Bromilow as Aunt Elizabeth, and Douglas Hodge as General Velementov will all reprise their roles in The Great season 4 cast. Charity Wakefield will also be back as Georgina, who is still plotting to take over the throne, after making it clear she wanted to marry Catherine’s baby boy to ensure her spot and overthrow Catherine to rule Russia herself. Also returning should be Bayo Gbadamosi as Arkady and Florence Keith-Roach as Tatyana.

The Great Season 4 Story Details

Catherine the Great walking out to the halls in season 3

With the actual history of Catherine the Great’s life largely discarded by this series, the possibilities for what happens in The Great season 4 are somewhat limitless. In real life, Catherine’s husband Peter died shortly after they were married and that will be explored in season 4, as season 3 killed off the beloved Hoult from the series. The real Peter’s death was under somewhat mysterious circumstances, but on the show, he was crossing the frozen lake on his horse, but the ice cracked, and he fell through with his horse, drowning. This puts Catherine in a tough spot if there is The Great season 4.

The Great season 4 will see Catherine showing her power, and that started at the end of season 3. That means this season will start to show how she established herself as one of the most effective rulers in Russia’s history. She also has to face the fact her son is her heir, and this puts her life in danger – especially with people like Georgina always plotting to take over. Catherine also has an enemy in Archie, who she ordered to be buried alive for his betrayal, only to have Marial secretly save his life. As with the previous seasons, The Great season 4 will revolve around Catherine herself, especially her complicated legacy and relationship with her fellow nobles.

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