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Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is one of 2023’s most highly-anticipated blockbusters, and its popularity has left many audiences wondering about the story, cast, and release of a potential Barbie 2. The plot of the Barbie movie entails a subversive take on the iconic toy brand, crafting an entirely original story that sees Barbie dragged from her fictional universe and forced to deal with the challenges of real life. It’s filled with bright colors and recognizable faces that really give the project a distinct atmosphere, with the countless jokes and Easter eggs opening the door for a potential sequel in the future.


Even before the first movie’s release, Barbie was a huge online sensation that gathered plenty of traction thanks to its enormous ensemble cast and visual creativity, differing greatly from the other Barbie media that has been released in the past. Barbie is an extremely exciting movie project for both fans of the toy and complete newcomers, as it takes everything that’s made the property so successful and turns it into something fresh and entertaining for modern audiences. Barbie 2 could easily continue these ideas and expand this universe even further than Gerwig was able to manage in two hours.

Barbie 2 Latest News

Margot Robbie looking surprised in Barbie.

The latest news regarding Barbie 2 comes from filmmaker Greta Gerwig, who revealed in an interview with Vulture that potential sequels to her movie actually could be more likely than she’d initially thought. She admitted it would “certainly be exciting” if Barbie were to become a cinematic franchise — a prospect that many fans of the toy have been crossing their fingers about for a long time. Although this isn’t strong confirmation, it’s proof that Gerwig is at least considering the idea. Ultimately, it will depend on the first movie’s performance before any decisions about sequels can be made.

Barbie 2 Isn’t Confirmed

Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and Simu Liu dancing in Barbie.

Barbie 2 remains unconfirmed, but the idea is very much alive. Movies like Barbie are basically engineered for sequels, with rich world-building and plenty of unexplored ideas that could later constitute exciting stories instead of just being throwaway gags. There are so many different versions of Barbie in the movie that only get short amounts of screen time but whose backstories could be developed further if Greta Gerwig was given the opportunity to expand this project into a series or even a franchise. The possibilities for stories would also be limitless, given the amount of source material that already exists from the Barbie TV shows.

Barbie 2 Release Date Info

Barbie and Ken roller blading down Venice Beach

If Barbie 2 does come to pass, it’s likely that the sequel wouldn’t be ready for release for several years. Not only would the studio have to cast new roles, but they’d need to write, shoot, and edit the entire project before it was ready to be seen by the public — meaning that a Barbie 2 couldn’t feasibly be given a release date any earlier than 2026. This would give audiences time to connect with the characters from the first Barbie before worrying about any new additions, allowing Greta Gerwig’s film to gather the acclaim it deserves on its own merit before it becomes a franchise.

Barbie 2 Cast

Ryan Gosling as Ken smiling in Barbie

The cast of Barbie 2, like that of the original, would have to be something really impressive to live up to expectations. It’s likely that Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling would have to reprise their roles as Barbie and Ken, with several of the supporting actors also making appearances in order to maintain that connection to the original. Barbie is famous for its huge ensemble of actors that play different versions of Barbie and Ken, so Barbie 2 would also need some impressive cameos if it wanted to maintain the same style. There’s no news about Robbie and Gosling returning, but they seem to enjoy these characters.

Barbie 2 Story Details

Ryan Gosling, Ben-Adir, and Ncuti Gatwa as Kens all making a pose in Barbie

Since Barbie follows the title character traveling to the real world and seeing how everything is so different there, Barbie 2 could follow a similar formula and take her around the world to even more exotic locations that would enable some hilarious situations and jokes. There’s also the possibility that Barbie 2 could take place entirely in Barbie’s home world, or maybe even visit the universes of other popular toy brands. Since the rights to the doll lie with the entertainment company Mattel, there’s no reason they couldn’t integrate other toys into this story and expand the universe even further.

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