Brooklyn 99 Ending Explained

The Brooklyn 99 ending brought the beloved sitcom to a conclusion in a way that was fitting for the series. The police sitcom follows the detectives of Brooklyn’s 99th precinct, Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg), his wife Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero), Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher), Lieutenant Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews), Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz), and Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio). Throughout eight seasons of solving cases and engaging in hijinks, other members of the Nine-Nine have also become significant including Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti), Norm Scully (Joel McKinnon), and Michael Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker).


Brooklyn 99 season 8 sees Holt and Amy present a police reform program that gets instituted city-wide, leading Holt to be promoted to deputy commissioner and bringing Amy up as his number two. The Brooklyn 99 series finale is called “The Last Day,” and it promised to be the most elaborate and hilarious of the show’s famous heists. Every heist episode of Brooklyn 99 is wrought with betrayals, as relationships, both personal and professional, are set aside and replaced with a self-indulgently hilarious lust for victory. The finale takes this to the extreme with the winner of the final competition being crowned the Grand Champion of the Nine-Nine, and the characters’ duplicity more than rises to the occasion.

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The Double-Crosses In Brooklyn 99’s Finale Explained

Holt, Peralta, and Santiago in the office with Halloween decorations in Brooklyn 99

The heist double-crosses have been one of the best running gags in Brooklyn 99 so it makes sense it was part of the Brooklyn 99 ending. Each intricate deception has been executed purely with the intent of victory, but the last episode’s multitude of betrayals feature a number of alternate motivations. The first deception is the motivation for the heist itself, which Jake quickly reveals is not a farewell to Holt and Amy but actually an elaborate scheme to orchestrate his own perfect goodbye. This comes as a shock even to Amy, who knows that detective has always been Jake’s dream job. But while she uses her genuine emotion to validate her complicity in his scheme, she’s actually hatching a plan of her own.

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The next major double-cross comes as Amy chloroforms and dupes Jake in a con reminiscent of Mission: Impossible. Believing his perfect goodbye destination, the Brooklyn Bridge, to be arbitrary and meaningless, she plans her own farewell party at the team’s favorite bar. Even Jake and Amy’s relationship goals romance can’t stop the competitive nature of these heists as Amy employs her ex-boyfriend, Teddy (Kyle Bornheimer), and plays on Jake’s insecurity to convince him that he has been in a coma for seven years to get the location of the heist target. This betrayal is particularly characteristic of Amy because it showcases her love and prowess for detailed planning — of both the party and the ruse.

The final double-cross in the Brooklyn 99 ending is Holt’s, who leads the team to the site of their first arrest under him, which allows Bill (Winston Story) to betray the whole team and lock them in a storage container, ultimately leading to Hitchcock’s surprising win. Hitchcock becoming the Grand Champion of the Nine-Nine by buying the prize for $40 is a hilarious anti-climax to all the effort. Because all the double-crosses led to the most unlikely and least worthy victor, there still isn’t a true two-time heist winner in Brooklyn 99. The dissatisfaction serves as the ideal setup for the characters to reunite every year for yet another heist.

Peralta, Terry, and Boyle walking in Brooklyn 99

Holt and Amy’s promotions in the Brooklyn 99 ending are obvious, but other characters’ advancements are more subtle. For starters, Terry does get promoted to Captain of the Nine-Nine despite having been double and then triple-crossed with a fake job interview. It’s also noteworthy that Charles gets a promotion in the form of his new partner and their dynamic. The last scene of the episode shows Charles’ new partner suggesting a series of undeniably cringe-worthy nicknames which Boyle coolly rejects.

Charles has been promoted to the “Jake” role in the partnership, a position he previously idolized. Brooklyn 99’s Jake Peraltaalso gets his own personal promotion to his new dream job, that of a great dad. This advancement is especially significant to Jake, who has struggled throughout the show with issues related to his philandering absentee father.

Where Every Character Ends Up (& If They Get A Happy Ending)

The cast of Brooklyn 99 with a close up of Jake

With many of the characters receiving very different conclusions in the Brooklyn 99 ending, it’s difficult to keep track of where everyone ends up and who gets a happy ending. Holt becomes a deputy commissioner, finally realizing his dream of joining the NYPD upper administration, and his police reform program marks the pinnacle of his ambition to restructure the department and improve equality and justice. Jake leaves his old dream job of detective to work towards his new aspiration of being a great dad, and after receiving validation from Holt, his primary father figure, he rests assured that he has made the right choice.

Amy also moves on from the Brooklyn 99and continues her promising climb up the NYPD ladder while still getting to work directly under her mentor. Rosa’s perfect ending is shown through her final conversation with Amy in which she asserts that she doesn’t need a romantic partner or any attachment to be happy. Since she ends the show as a PI, working by herself and for herself, she gains the independence she has always thrived on. Charles gets his happy ending, remaining at the Nine-Nine, but finally gaining the confidence to become the cool detective in his partnership.

Terry is named captain of the Brooklyn 99 feeling like the perfect fit for this position since he has often filled the role in Holt’s absence and has earned the team’s respect many times. Although most of the characters end up in different places, each one gets a happy ending based on their individual strengths and aspirations. Even Hitchcock and Scully get the satisfaction of reuniting, presumably to continue their slothful employment at the Nine-Nine.

The Real Meaning Of Brooklyn 99’s Ending

The cast of Brooklyn 99 with their hands to their hearts

The theme of family has always been prominent throughout the show, and the Brooklyn 99 ending ties this together perfectly. The whole episode is a well-established family tradition for the Nine-Nine, but it also stresses some specific points of the familial theme. The ending of Brooklyn 99 highlights the importance of accepting your family members for who they are and what they have to do as individuals. This is brought to the forefront in the final exchange between Amy and Rosa in which Amy struggles to understand Rosa’s contentment with solitude.

By the end of the conversation, however, the two accept their differences, causing Rosa to uncharacteristically express her affection for Amy. The last conclusion between Jake and Boyle contributes as well, with Boyle finally accepting that being a father is what Jake needs to focus on and that it doesn’t mean an end to their friendship. The whole Brooklyn 99 team comes to accept one another for who they are and what they have to do with their lives, and the family values are driven home at the very end with one final exclamation of “Nine-Nine!

What The Brooklyn 99 Cast Have Said About The Ending

The cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine in a promo photo

The likable cast of Brooklyn 99 was always a major factor in the show’s popularity. They delivered big laughs, but they also made the audience feel as though these characters were much closer than just work colleagues. The cast seems to have shared some of that bond the officers of the Nine-Nine shared. Looking back on the show as it ended, many of the cast members offered their own thoughts on what the show meant to the ensemble and the fans, as well as their favorite Brooklyn 99 moments.

As the finale aired, some of the cast members shared their parting thought for the series (via ET Online). Fumero said to fans: “This finale was made with a lot of love, a lot of joy, a lot of laughter, and even some tears. We hope you love it as much as we do.” Meanwhile, Crews shared: “This show has meant so much to me over the years and I know it means a lot to all of you.” In an interview for the finale season (via ET Canada), the cast also expressed what it meant to say goodbye to the show after so long. However, while it is clearly a bittersweet moment, Crews reiterated that the entire crew that helped make the show happen felt like part of a big family. He also expressed how the fans also held a place within that family as he explained that, no matter where he was, if he shouted out Terry’s Brooklyn 99 catchphrase, he would hear it shouted back.

Why Brooklyn 99’s Finale Let The Show Down

Close up of Jake smiling in Brooklyn 99

The Brooklyn 99 ending had a lot to address with the various storylines and deciding where to leave the show’s beloved characters. One of the main criticisms among fans referred more to the overall final season and how it lessened the impact of the finale. In a way, real-life issues made it impossible for Brooklyn 99 to continue in the way it had been. With various incidents of police brutality, highlighted by the murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement, Brooklyn 99 was forced to address the role of police in the modern world.

While it was responsible of the show to tackle the issues rather than ignore them and continue on with the silly police adventures, Brooklyn 99 was also not equipped for such a challenge. It could no longer be the same lighthearted sitcom it started as, nor could it really address these complex issues in meaningful ways. It resulted in a season that felt scattered and unsatisfying to many fans. As a result, the Brooklyn 99 ending felt like a tacked-on ending rather than something the show built to.

Some of the character choices for the finale also rubbed certain fans the wrong way. One that stood out was Brooklyn 99‘s parenting drama with Jake and Amy. The decision to have Jake quit his job to stay home with their child seemed to come out of nowhere and felt like it went against both Jake and Amy as characters. Not only did Jake clearly love his job as a cop, but Amy being unprepared for the hardships of juggling a career and a child did not fit into her super organized persona. Some fans felt it was a manufactured happy ending for the pair rather than something that made sense for them.

Why The Brooklyn 99 Ending Was Perfect The Series

The final

Though some fans were let down by the Brooklyn 99 ending, there were plenty who felt it was the perfect conclusion to the series. This includes those who felt Jake’s decision was a heartwarming one and showed how much his character had grown over the course of the series. While the finale gave a healthy amount of fan service, Collider points out a fun subversive moment in the episode with Rosa. After confessing to Amy that she is thinking of getting back together with Pimento, she reveals it was a trick and points out to Amy that “You all think for someone to be happy their story has to end with marriage and kids.”

However, the reason most fans seem happy with the finale is the heartwarming note it leaves on. The show has always provided laughs and fun storylines, but it is the Brooklyn 99 characters that have made the sitcom special. Many finales feel the need to see the beloved characters go their own ways and end their time together. Friends saw Monica and Chandler moving away. Recently, Ted Lasso ended with the titular coach returning to the United States. Indeed, there are a lot of characters in Brooklyn 99 moving onto new things, but the final scene in the series lets the audience know that they will always come back together in a sweet and comforting promise.

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