Brian Cox Reveals The One Roy Child He Thinks Could’ve Won Succession

Warning: Major SPOILERS for Succession season 4!The series finale of Succession saw Tom Wambsgans rise to the title of Waystar Royco CEO. This devastating blow to the children of Logan Roy made narrative sense, but was a shocking twist for any viewers hoping to see Shiv, Kendall, or Roman in charge of their father’s company at the end of the day. Though the story of Succession is over, the twists and turns of the series finale are sure to warrant conversation among the show’s audience for years to come.

Tom was a popular pick for eventual CEO among the Succession faithful, but members of the Roy bloodline were equally popular, including Nicholas Braun’s hapless Cousin Greg. Opinions abounded as to who could handle the top job, and even Logan Roy actor Brian Cox chimed in with which Roy family member he thought may have been fit for the crown. Here’s what Cox had to say during an interview with Screen Rant:

Brian Cox: None of them can [step up], and the only one, ironically, who I think he feels could step up was Roman, because Roman showed a lot of sensibility, particularly in dealing with the Middle Eastern money — which was fake, and he knew it, and he could see it in season 2. I thought, “Wow, there is a potential in Roman,” as I believe there is, that’s why I think Roman really, really loved his father. I never watch it, if I can, I would say it’s bad enough doing it without having to watch it. [Laughs] My wife, who was actually in it, and she was, as a would-be director, shadowing Mylod, and then she got the role of my ex-mistress, which I thought kind of there was something where everything kind of came together in a way because of that. [Laughs] But, I watched it and I just thought that Roman is such a child, he’s so lost, and everything like that, it’s amazing.

Why None of Logan’s Children Could Have Been CEO

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Succession season 4 succeeded, both before and after the death of Logan Roy, in showing why the mogul’s children were unfit for the CEO position. Shiv, Roman, and Kendall had fatal flaws that prevented them from succeeding, all of which were showcased in season 4. Shiv struggled with seeing things through, as evidenced by her shifting allegiances. Roman, as Cox stated, was lost and surprisingly fragile, which was shown to great effect during the funeral of his father. Kendall had a singular vision, but in a manner that was reckless and ultimately self-sabotaging; the way he lied to his siblings about his involvement in someone’s death showed that.

None of the primary characters in Succession could easily be called “good”; each one was some mix of power-hungry, entitled, or incompetent. For that reason, it’s difficult to say who should have become CEO of Wayster Royco, but Tom Wombsgans had at least shown aptitude and a willingness to put up with anything thrown his way. It’s fitting that the man willing to risk the most (don’t forget the time Tom was ready to go to prison) should be the one to ultimately win the war of Succession.

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