Bird Box Barcelona Cast & Character Guide

Bird Box is finally getting a sequel, and while there’s no A-list actor like Sandra Bullock leading the movie, the Bird Box Barcelona cast is full of great performers. The original Bird Box follows a mother (Bullock) attempting to protect her two children from supernatural entities that make people take their own lives when they’re looked at, which leads to everyone blindfolding themselves. However, Bird Box 2 isn’t a direct sequel to the original 2018 movie. Bird Box Barcelona takes place in the titular Spanish city, and follows a new group of characters, as the entities terrorize not only a small town but the whole world.

Given that Bird Box Barcelona is much bigger in scope compared to its predecessor, it has a bigger cast. While most of the actors in the movie are extras who take their own lives based on the Bird Box 2 trailer, there’s a tight-knit group of survivors who do anything they can to protect themselves. As the movie is one of Netflix’s Spanish productions, Bird Box 2 has a mostly Spanish cast, along with one increasingly popular British actor. Bird Box Barcelona will be available to watch on July 14, 2023 on Netflix, and there are plenty of other shows and movies to watch featuring the Bird Box 2 cast before then.

Mario Casas As Sebastián

Sebastien with his eyes closed in Bird Box Barcelona

Mario Casas plays Sebastián in the Bird Box Barcelona cast. Sebastián is the lead character of the new psychological horror film, and he’s essentially playing the same role Bullock played in the original Bird Box, as he’s trying to protect his child from the supernatural entities and keep her safe in the post-apocalyptic world. Casas is a Spanish actor and Barcelona native, and while he hasn’t crossed the pond or starred in any Hollywood movies, he’s well respected in Spain. Bird Box Barcelona actor Mario Casas previously starred in the Spanish comedy-drama Los Hombres de Paco for three years, and then the 2010 romantic drama movie Three Steps Above Heaven.

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Alejandra Howard As Anna

Alejandra Howard in a stone house in Fatima

Alejandra Howard’s Bird Box Barcelona character is Anna. Anna is Sebastián’s daughter and travels with him across Barcelona to find shelter. The character is also an avid roller-skater, or at least she was before the worldwide disaster. Not much more about the character is known, but based on the Bird Box Barcelona trailer, Anna seems much more courageous and brave than the children in the original Bird Box movie. Being a young actor, Alejandra Howard doesn’t have many other acting credits before joining the Brid Box Barcelona cast, but Netflix is seemingly very impressed with her, and the streamer has the actor in its back pocket. Howard starred in both the Netflix drama series Fatima and the Netflix movie The Wasteland.

Georgina Campbell As Claire

Claire worried in Bird Box Barcelona

Georgina Campbell joins the Bird Box Barcelona cast as Claire. The character practiced psychology in England but found herself grouped together with other survivors in a bomb shelter. Just like Sebastien and Anna, Claire became protective of Sofia, a child who was separated from her mother. Campbell is the only Bird Box 2 cast member who is a native English speaker. It isn’t clear if she’ll speak Spanish, as her one line in the trailer is in English. The actor has been rapidly rising in popularity, going from roles in British series like Broadchurch, to having a lead role in the hit 2022 horror movie Barbarian.

Naila Schuberth As Sofia

Four people blindfolded in Barcelona in Bird Box Barcelona

Naila Schuberth plays Sofia in the Bird Box Barcelona cast. Sofia is an 8-year-old German tourist in Barcelona, but she’s now an orphan after becoming separated from her mother when the supernatural entities invaded. Sofia only speaks German, but despite the language barrier, Claire forms a connection with the orphan. Still being extremely young, the up-and-coming Naila Schuberth has an impressive resume of work prior to her part in Bard Box Barcelona. The actor featured in Blackout, a political thriller about a nuclear power plant, and Gefährliche Nähe, a tragic drama about a widower who struggles to raise his two daughters.

Diego Calva as Octavio

Diego Calva in a blindfold in Bird Box Barcelona

Diego Calva’s Bird Box 2 character is Octavio. Octavio is Mexican but moved to Barcelona before supernatural entities began to terrorize the world. The character struggled to get work in Spain despite having a doctorate and is now one of the members of the group of survivors taking refuge in the bomb shelter. Calva is the closest thing the Bird Box Barcelona cast has to an established movie star, as the actor was nominated for a SAG award and a Golden Globe for his role in the period drama about Hollywood, Babylon. The actor’s breakthrough role was as Arturo Beltran Leyva in the Netflix-produced crime drama, Narcos: Mexico.

Leonardo Sbaraglia as Padre Esteban

Leonardo Sbaraglia on a bridge in Wild Tales

Leonardo Sbaraglia joins the Bird Box Barcelona cast as Padre Esteban. Padre was the priest of Ann’s Catholic elementary school, but recently totally changed his life. According to the Netflix Tudum event, Padre became much more sinister after leaving the elementary school, hinting at a human antagonist as well as supernatural entities. Sbaraglia is an Argentine actor who has won awards for his performances in Pain and Glory and Intacto. The actor’s most notable projects are Red Lights, which stars Cillian Murphy and Robert De Niro, and Wild Tales, a Spanish black comedy anthology movie.

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Bird Box Barcelona’s Supporting Cast & Characters

Patrick Criado in Below Zero on Netflix

Lola Dueñas as Unknown – Dueñas plays an unknown role in the Bird Box Barcelona cast. The actor is a popular Spanish-language actor, and her most notable projects include the Javier Bardem movie The Sea Inside and the Penélope Cruz movie Volver.

Patrick Criado as Unknown – Patrick Criado joins the Bird Box Barcelona cast in an unknown role. The Spanish actor is known for the crime drama Mar de plástico, but he’s best known for playing Rafael in another Netflix-produced release, Money Heist.

Gonzalo de Castro as Unknown – Gonzalo de Castro also plays an unknown character in the Bird Box Barcelona cast. The Spanish actor played the titular character in the series Doctor Mateo, which is the Spanish remake of Doc Martin. Castro also starred in the Netflix mystery miniseries, The Innocent.

Michelle Jenner as Unknown – Michelle Jenner joins the Bird Box Barcelona cast in an unknown role. Jenna reunites with Mario Casas, as they shared screen time in the comedy series Los Hombres de Paco in the late 2000s. The actor’s voice might be more recognizable than anything, as she played the lead character Aloy in the video game Horizon: Zero Dawn in the Spanish language version.

Celia Freijeiro as Unknown – Freijeiro also has an unknown role in Bird Box Barcelona. is one of the most prolific Spanish actors working today. Though Freijeiro focuses primarily on theatre and stage plays, she also starred in the Spanish soap opera Seis Hermanas for almost 400 episodes, and she starred in the police procedural drama Servir y Protege for almost 100 episodes.

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