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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse.Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse has a whole host of questions regarding the characters, plot, and universe that it needs to answer before its conclusion. Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse answered a lot of queries regarding the Spider-Verse throughout its plot, most notably with an introduction of the Spider Society and the many Spider-Man variants found within it. However, the sheer scale of the plot and multiverse meant that not everything could be tied up neatly within the sequel.

Indeed, many paths were left intentionally mysterious, in order to allow Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse to begin at a truly engaging point of the overall story. While this means eager audiences will have to wait to get conclusions to many pressing topics, it also means Beyond The Spider-Verse is perhaps the most exciting of the series yet, as the conclusion to the Spider-Verse trilogy can field all the burning questions viewers have hoped for answers to.



10 Will Miles Morales’ Father Die?

jefferson davis in across the spider-verse

Naturally, the Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse ending sets up a major question regarding whether Miles Morales’ father will die in the third movie, or whether the collective efforts of Miles and company will be able to save him from a potentially fated demise. While other major aspects of the impending plot like the crew of protagonists managing to beat Spot in some form seem loosely inevitable, the matter with Miles’ father is far less clear, as either his death or survival would make sense given the backdrop the prior two movies have set.

9 Do Canon Events Really Have To Happen?

Miles Morales, Miguel O'Hara, and Gwen Stacy in Across the Spider-Verse

While the majority of the characters within Across The Spider-Verse who are aware of the multiverse believe that canon events are something that have to happen in universes to prevent them from being destroyed, the movie itself doesn’t concretely prove this is the case. Indeed, certain details – such as Miguel’s speech suggesting the upside down kiss is a canon event, despite not every Spider-Man variant seemingly having this exact moment – imply canon events do not have to happen, or at least can have some integral variations. This is further hinted at when Gwen’s father quits the force, which appears to serve as her version of the “death” of the police captain canon event.

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With Miles’ interference seemingly altering a canon event for Pavitr Prabhakar – and his impending attempt to interrupt the potential death of his own father set to do the same – Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse will have to answer whether canon events concretely have to happen to prevent the destruction of a universe. Either way, the answer to this question will come with tragedy, be it by killing Jefferson Davies and destroying the world of Spider-Man: India, or by showing that the world Spider-Man 2099 saw fall apart wasn’t as doomed by his own hand as he has believed for the rest of his life.

8 Can Earth 42 Miles Be Redeemed?

Miles Morales and the Prowler in Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse

The Miles Morales of Earth-42 strikes a strong contrast to the movie protagonist variant, from his Prowler alias to his relative lack of emotion at seeing a distressed version of himself being subjected to intense interrogation by his uncle. However, it’s also relatively clear what has prompted this version of Miles to be more detached and merciless, as the death of his father appears to have had a major impact on him, and the lack of Spider-Man in Earth-42 likely also means it has been in a series of other more dire straights.

As such, while the Prowler Miles Morales is set up as a potential nemesis for the movie hero in Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse, there’s also a real chance that he can be redeemed. With one of the main themes of the series being the importance and potency of hope, it would make sense for Prowler Miles to be swayed by his Spider-Man doppelgänger, especially given the latter’s habit of putting himself in harm’s way to help others for no reward other than it being the right thing to do. Showing Miles could be a hero with or without becoming Spider-Man would also be a powerful note for the third movie to put across.

7 Will Captain Stacy Fully Accept Gwen As A Superhero?

Gwen in Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse

Across The Spider-Verse sees Gwen reveal her secret identity to her father, with the pair eventually becoming closer as Captain Stacy comes to terms with what his daughter’s superhero motivations were. Though Gwen’s father is so affected by this that he resigns from being police captain, it’s unlikely this will have entirely finished the arc between the two, especially as the elder Stacy learning about the Spider-Verse and his daughter’s role in it may further complicate how he feels about his child having hidden such key parts of her life from him.

That said, seeing him fully accept Gwen as a superhero would be even more powerful after their conflict in Across The Spider-Verse, so Beyond The Spider-Verse is likely to expand on what happened between the two. It would also make sense to show Captain Stacy – having given up his captain role – aiding Gwen in her superhero career, as this would continue the trend of the movie series focusing on relationships between parents and their superhero children.

6 What Was Spider-Man 2099 Injecting Himself With?

spider-man 2099 in across the spider-verse

Miguel O’Hara can be seen injecting himself with a substance in Across The Spider-Verse, though the movie intentionally leaves what this substance is and why Miguel is injecting it intentionally ambiguous. While the most likely answer to the question of what Spider-Man 2099 injects himself with is that the liquid is Rapture – a drug Miguel becomes addicted to in the comics, and which is linked to his origin story as he eventually transforms while attempting to cure himself of his addiction – it also seems likely the Spider-Verse character has been tweaked in a way that will alter this storyline.

With the Spider-Verse Miguel being obsessed with ensuring the protection of the multiverse, it would make most sense if he is injecting something to sustain his powers, or to allow him to go without rest while he tries to lead the Spider Society. This would further explain why Miguel’s character design emphasizes how exhausted he looks, and why he is so furious with Miles for wanting to save his dad – not just because it reminds Spider-Man 2099 of the universe he feels he destroyed, but rather also because Miguel may still be actively sacrificing himself to try and save the multiverse, at whatever cost is necessary.

5 Will Miles & Gwen End Up Together?

spider-man across the spider-verse 2023 miles and gwen

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse flirts closer to the idea of the Spider-Verse’s Miles and Gwen officially becoming a couple in the series – with Miles’ parents very clearly believing he is already in some kind of relationship with Gwen, and her surprise appearance at their house only supporting their theories. Gwen and Miles even explicitly talk about the multiversal romances between Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy variants, although this conversation leaves more questions than answers regarding their future, as Gwen not unfairly states that almost every relationship between Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy ends poorly.

While the pair don’t have to become a couple, the continual hints towards them maybe becoming something more have to have some form of conclusion – be that with a romantic relationship, or with Miles and Gwen ultimately deciding they’re better off as friends. Oddly enough, the answer to this question may be decided by how the series approaches canon events, as if Miles is able to break fate and save his father, it stands to reason he and Gwen may be able to break the trend of tragic relationships between Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy, too.

4 What Happened To Earth 42’s Peter Parker?

Miles after falling from a building with the number 42 next to him

Despite Peter Parker generally serving as Spider-Man in most universes, Across The Spider-Verse instead shows the irradiated spider of Earth-42 about to bite that universe’s Miles Morales – suggesting a different fate was always intended for the Earth-42 Parker. As such, this makes the question of what happened to Peter Parker in this universe even more interesting, given this Peter appears to be set on a path to be a different figure in this world, perhaps more in line with Earth-65’s Peter Parker becoming Lizard.

3 How Will Miles’ Parents React When He Reveals His Superhero Identity For Real?

Miles Morales and his parents

Miles spends the vast majority of Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse trying to decide whether he should reveal his superhero identity to his parents, mirroring Gwen’s own storyline with her father. However, while Gwen is able to tell her dad she’s Spider-Woman, Miles’ confession comes at an unfortunate time that means instead of confessing his alias to his mother, he confesses it to Earth-42’s Rio Morales, who has no idea who Spider-Man even is. This means Beyond The Spider-Verse is set to have Miles actually reveal his superhero identity to his parents – especially given he is returning to try and save his dad from a seemingly fated demise.

While Miles’ parents aren’t likely to take the revelation that their son has been lying about a potentially deadly avenue of his life for some time, it’s also hard to imagine they won’t understand. Both Rio and Jefferson got into their respective jobs to try and help people, so their son following in their proverbial footsteps should immediately make a form of sense to them, even if they’re initially upset at the lies Miles has spun to them during his Spider-Man career.

2 Is The Spider-Verse Really Linked To the MCU?

Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse and the MCU's No Way Home

Perhaps the most shocking moment of Across The Spider-Verse was the brief moment of a live-action Prowler cameo from Donald Glover appearing in the movie. This, combined with the allusions to the “little nerd on Earth-199999” strongly suggest that the MCU is linked to the Spider-Verse, and that they exist in the same movie multiverse. However, none of these nods yet concretely confirm this concept, as it’s not definite as to whether Donald Glover’s MCU Aaron Davis was indeed Prowler in the main universe, and the movie refers to the MCU as being Earth-199999, whereas in-universe in the MCU, it’s referred to as Earth-616, which also complicates things.

While Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse technically doesn’t have to answer one way or another as to whether the MCU and Spider-Verse are interlinked, the allusions to the other Marvel movie franchise strongly suggest it will, if only to satisfy the questions it raised in Across The Spider-Verse. Given the notable lack of Tom Holland alongside the other two live-action Spider-Men in the sequel movie, the potential for his appearance to have been delayed for the third movie feels palpable – though inversely, Holland’s Peter Parker may have been left out to make it clearer that the MCU doesn’t link to the Spider-Verse as directly as Maguire and Garfield’s worlds do.

1 Will The Spider Society Continue After Beyond The Spider-Verse?

miles morales with the spider society in spider-man across the spider-verse

The Spider Society ends up being an antagonistic force in Across The Spider-Verse, as Miles is hunted down by the majority of its members when he attempts to flee their base to return to his universe and break a canon event to save his father’s life. However, it’s clear the Spider Society’s aims are ultimately that of protecting the Spider-Verse, and so the question becomes whether Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse will see them destroyed in their attempts to stop Miles, or whether they will continue afterwards.

This is ultimately down to how the arcs of Spider-Man 2099, the main Spider Society figures, and Miles himself resolve. It’s clear Miguel O’Hara is the de facto leader of the Spider Society, but also clear from actions like Spider Byte helping Miles and Peter B. Parker ignoring orders to talk to Miles that the Spider Society isn’t universally in agreement with how he operates.

As such, it seems that a happy ending for Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse could see Miguel ousted from his role. This is especially true if it turns out that canon events can be somewhat altered or otherwise transformed for better results without breaking that universe, as indeed is hinted at with Gwen’s father stepping down as police captain. While the Spider Society could well fall apart in the third movie, having a multiversal Spider-Man faction has massive exciting implications for the Marvel movie landscape should it continue to exist past Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse, which may be reason enough alone for it to survive.

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