Below Deck Season 11: Everything We Know

Below Deck season 11 may be returning for another journey on Bravo, and it’s time to share facts about the upcoming release. Below Deck has become one of Bravo’s mainstays, having aired for the last decade after its 2013 premiere. Showing off the lives of luxury yacht crews, the franchise has released several spin-offs of the series, featuring different types of ships. Still, the central drama is always centered on the captain and crew. With guests to serve and interpersonal dynamics to navigate, the high seas aren’t for everyone. The pressure surrounding the cast of Below Deck can make things difficult, especially when they’re trying to prioritize their jobs.


The cast of Below Deck rotates with each iteration of the show, bringing some crew members back. However, others are only featured for a season. With different dynamics at play, it’s fascinating to watch the drama unfold on Below Deck, regardless of the season or series. The captains of the super yachts tend to be some of the only returning stars, as the crew members typically move from charter to charter, looking for other opportunities. While Below Deck hasn’t always been the most popular series on the network, it has gained notoriety through its run, and many are curious about the upcoming season.

Below Deck Season 11 News

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While there isn’t much news regarding Below Deck season 11, there are a few things that have been shared about the upcoming installment of the series. In light of Captain Lee Rosbach’s long absence from Below Deck season 10, it’s possible that the Captain may be planning to retire after a long career at sea. There are rumblings about him potentially leaving the series. It’s being reported that Lee may choose not to participate in Below Deck season 11. If he doesn’t, there could be some major shoes to fill.

Is Below Deck Season 11 Confirmed?

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Below Deck season 11 has been confirmed by Bravo, and so have several other seasons of some of the show’s spin-offs. In a statement made by Bravo on Tuesday, May 9, the network confirmed that it would be airing another season of their popular series. Below Deck season 10 was set to finish airing about a month after, which means that there were very few details provided about the show’s upcoming installment. Still, knowing that Below Deck season 11 will be a definite part of Bravo’s future lineup is satisfying.

Below Deck Season 11’s Potential Release Date

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While there isn’t a confirmed air date for Below Deck season 11, it’s possible to predict the upcoming season using the information we have from past seasons. In past years, Below Deck has aired sporadically throughout the summer and early fall. With its earlier seasons premiering in July and August, things changed for Below Deck by season 4. It’s been released progressively later through the years. With Below Deck seasons 6 through 10 all coming out between October and November, it’s likely the series will continue to do the same. It’s probable that Below Deck season 11 will air around mid-October 2023.

Below Deck Season 11’s Potential Cast

While Below Deck season 11’s cast hasn’t been confirmed, there’s a bit of news surrounding the casting for the upcoming season. According to US Weekly, it’s likely that if Captain Lee decides to retire (and not join Below Deck season 11), that his replacement has already been chosen. There is a chance that Captain Kerry Titheradge of Below Deck Adventure may take over if Lee decides to move on. Captain Kerry may be a great fit for Below Deck season 11. That’s especially true given his experience navigating on-board romances between his crew, like Below Deck season 10’s boatmance between Ben Willoughby and Camille Lamb.

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