Battle Angel Star Voices Interest In Sequel

Lana Condor voices her support for Alita: Battle Angel 2, joining a growing list of stars and producers. Based on Yukito Kishiro beloved manga series Gunnm, director Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel was released in 2019. The film earned a somewhat mixed response from critics and was only a mild success at the box office, which means a sequel has been hard to get off the ground. Alita: Battle Angel was a hit with audiences, though, and has only grown in popularity in the years since its release thanks to streaming.

Now, in a recent interview with, Condor, who plays Koyami, expresses interest in seeing Alita: Battle Angel 2 come to life. While Koyami plays a relatively small role in the first movie’s story, the actor is evidently keen on revisiting the franchise’s unique universe. Check out Condor’s full comment below:

“When we filmed Alita: Battle Angel, that whole world was so beautiful. I haven’t heard of any plans to continue that storyline, however, that’s seriously been something in my heart that I’m hoping would start up the conversation again. I feel like we can explore a lot more of that world, and obviously the original IP is vast.”

What’s Been Said About Alita: Battle Angel 2 So Far

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The movie wasn’t a financial flop by any means, but its box office performance was evidently just lukewarm enough to give studio executives pause about greenlighting a sequel. The filmmakers involved, however, were clearly interested in continuing the story, with Alita: Battle Angel‘s ending setting the stage for a follow-up movie. Hopes for a sequel were renewed last December around the release of Avatar: The Way of Water when producer Jon Landau made clear that he and producing partner James Cameron were interested in getting another movie off the ground.

Cameron then added further fuel to the fire only days later when he and Rodriguez made a blood oath” to make Alita: Battle Angel 2. While two key producers and the director are on board, actors in the film have also expressed a willingness to return. Rosa Salazar, Alita herself, said back in 2019 that she’d be interested in reprising her role. Earlier this year, Christoph Waltz commented on the prospective sequel as well, saying he’d “definitely” return if circumstances allow.

A recent Alita: Battle Angel 2 update from Rodriguez has confirmed that no official movement on the project has happened behind-the-scenes yet, but there’s still reason to be optimistic for its chances. In addition to key creative players involved wanting it to happen, the huge success of Avatar: The Way of Water may give Cameron and Landau more leverage to get the ball rolling. It remains to be seen if Alita: Battle Angel 2 will ever actually happen, but it’s certainly starting to look increasingly likely.


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