Bachelorette’s Charity Lawson Defends Herself After Brother Warned Her About Brayden

The Bachelorette season 20 featured a spy-like surprise appearance from Charity’s brother, and the leading lady is submitting her defense on why she didn’t take his advice. Charity’s brother, Nehemiah Lawson, posed as a bartender with a full undercover get-up to locate any red flags his sister needed to be warned of. He encountered one reasonably easy – and that was suitor Brayden Bowers. Brayden is a nurse, a few years Charity’s junior, and the one that caught his sister’s eye. Nehemiah expressed concerns to his sister anyway, only for her to do the exact opposite by granting Brayden her first impression rose.


The Bachelorette’s Charity Lawson doesn’t seem to value her brother’s opinion by giving Brayden the season’s first rose, but she defends her decision. In an interview with E!, Charity justified her reasoning in that her conversation with Brayden was “organic,” pointing out that their chemistry was immediately apparent. Charity explained why she seemingly ignored her brother’s advice and that she and Nehemiah had different perceptions. She saw the “arrogance” Nehemiah warned of as Brayden simply being “excited and giddy.” Charity stands by her decision but hinted her brother might be right after all. “Stay tuned to see if that giddiness turns into true cockiness.”

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The Bachelorette Season 20 Cast with Charity Lawson

Charity had other priorities regarding her decision to give Brayden the first impression of rose. The Bachelorette shared on Us Weekly’s podcast, Here for the Right Reasons, that Brayden checked another box for her. “Brayden got the first impression Rose truly also because he is a good kisser.” The first kiss is essential to the first impression, and it must have been good enough for her to allow it to outweigh her brother’s concerns. However, there was another notable mention for Charity – Xavier, who she awarded second place for best kisser. She also described their chemistry as “undeniable.”

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Round 1 is in the books for Charity and her suitors, with Brayden winning her over. Overprotective brothers can sometimes steer their siblings wrong, but Nehemiah was justified in his perception and subsequent disapproval of Brayden for his younger sister. But at the same time, Charity was also valid to decide based on her experience and impression, considering she is the one who has to live with those decisions as the season progresses. She may have defended herself in her choice, but she does seem to appreciate her brother’s undercover presence and analysis. Support from family members is always warranted and often helpful for the leads.

Charity felt that Brayden made the best first impression (and placed first for best kisser) and, therefore, felt justified in awarding him the first rose. And she is. Nehemiah’s access to the contenders’ conversations at the bar obviously gave him an inside look into their personality traits that Charity could not see. Although that was the point in his operation, he had to have known it would be hard to steer his sister when the men were on their best behavior for her. Charity started strong regardless, and whether Brayden’s true colors show – the ones her brother tried warning her off – seem probable.

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