Are Any Shows Leaving Apple TV This Month?

Even though Apple TV Plus usually retains its movies and TV shows from month to month, the streaming service at one time licensed Hollywood movies just like Netflix, Prime Video, and their other streaming competitors. Originally launched in 2019, Apple TV Plus more recently positioned itself as a unique specimen among the wealth of streaming services because it relies heavily on original content. Apple’s signature streamer is known for its award-winning original movies and TV shows, though it does also carry a few prestigious Hollywood films as well. As such, Apple TV Plus tends to see less turnover with its content, though some shows and movies don’t stay on the streaming service forever.

While it doesn’t boast the subscriber numbers of Netflix, Prime, or Disney+, Apple TV+ has its own loyal following. From the outset, Apple TV Plus blazed its own trail by producing content that stood head and shoulders above network television, and hit series like Ted Lasso, Severance, and The Morning Show have made them the toast of the streaming world. Each month, the streamer adds more content than it subtracts, and the best shows on Apple TV Plus seem to multiply every few weeks. Thanks to that upward trend in new movies and TV shows, Apple TV Plus has fewer movies and TV shows leaving the streaming service than others.

Nothing Is Leaving Apple TV This Month

Apple TV+ logo, Ruby in CODA, Selena Gomez, Denzel Washington in The Tragedy of Macbeth, Zac Efron in The Greatest Beer Run Ever

Nothing is leaving Apple TV+ this month. The last movies to reportedly leave Apple TV Plus were in May with Knight and Day, Romancing the Stone, and True Lies. However, most of those movies were on channels licensed to Apple TV Plus. While there are not any shows or movies leaving Apple TV Plus, there is a lot on the platform for fans to enjoy. There are still some Hollywood movies on Apple TV Plus, including 300, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, and Cloverfield. However, there are also plenty of originals that Apple TV Plus adds every month.

In June, Apple TV Plus added some critically-acclaimed new shows like The Crowded Room with Tom Holland and the second season of Swagger. In July, there will be even more great Apple TV Plus originals coming, including the second seasons of Foundation and The Afterparty, while continuing exciting shows like The Crowded Room and Idris Elba’s Hijack. However, there is plenty of time to watch the best shows and movies on Apple TV Plus, as nothing is leaving the service in the next month.

Why Shows Rarely Leave Apple TV

New shows on Apple TV in June 2023

The biggest reason why almost no shows leave Apple TV Plus is that the service focuses more on original content than just licensing Hollywood movies for limited runs like Netflix, Hulu, and Max. Instead of bringing in big movies from theatrical releases, Apple TV Plus creates its own content and there is no intention of removing these shows and movies from the streaming service. On top of its original movies and TV shows added to the service, Apple TV Plus does offer other movies and shows that might end up removed.

However, these removals are not from Apple TV Plus, but from networks that Apple TV partners with. While not officially part of the Apple TV Plus lineup, the Apple TV app offers a few channels, such as AMC+. However, when it comes to TV shows and movies leaving Apple TV Plus, those are not common and rarely, if ever. leave the service.

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