Angelique’s Energetic First Impression Catches David Novello Off Guard

The Big D‘s newest single, Angelique, is absolutely ready to mingle in a preview clip that shows her piquing David Novello’s interest. Inviting a group of divorcées to look for love alongside their exes, The Big D season 1 has already been rife with drama. As the contestants are eliminated one by one, new single divorcées will enter the house to keep things even on both sides of the house. Ultimately, The Big D’s goal is to award one healthy couple a $50,000 cash prize, as well as peace of mind surrounding their divorce. The Big D season 1 cast consists of several divorced couples, as well as some single divorcées.


In a sneak peek of the next episode of The Big D season 1, courtesy of USA Network, Angelique explains that after being married for 14 years, she finally worked up the courage to leave her ex-husband and her Mormon faith behind. After getting married at 20, Angelique realized that the life she was building wasn’t the one she wanted. “I wanted to please other people, and what God wanted, really,” she shares. “It was a slow, gradual process, me leaving [my marriage and] the Mormon church.”

During her introduction to the rest of the cast, Angelique piques the interest of David, who’s in the house with his ex Gillian Messina. “Angelique walks in and right away I’m glad, I’m drawn in, I’m attracted to her,” David shares in a confessional, clearly excited by the unexpected prospect of Angelique sticking around. “I’m trying not to be too obvious about it because I want to be respectful to my ex.”

Angelique Begins Flirting With Dean Right Away On The Big D

Dean and Angelique talking on The Big D Season 1

David isn’t the only person who’s excited to see Angelique make an entrance. Dean’s the other single divorcée in the house, and Angelique makes a quick connection as they begin to bond over a shared love of fashion. Both without an ex in the house, Dean and Angelique could be a great match for one another. Angelique shares her story with Dean, opening up to him about her past relationship and debunking some of the preconceptions he has about Mormonism. Angelique and Dean feel comfortable with each other and share a few suggestive jokes that make it clear they could be interested in each other within The Big D house.

The rest of The Big D episode 3 may pit Angelique between David and Dean. After dealing with issues between his ex Gillian and Ariel Lyndsey, who was saved from elimination last week, things may get rocky if David tries something with another woman. Dean has been playing the field throughout the house. Things may begin to heat up between him and Angelique as the experiment continues on, unless his connection with Casey Costa continues to strengthen. For Angelique, the entrance into the house feels like the perfect blend of excitement from the women for a new confidant, and excitement from the men for a new prospect.

As The Big D season 1 continues, the show’s cast will continue to evolve. The original cast members, who are all leaving the series one by one, will likely continue to get replaced with single divorcées looking to shake things up. While the end goal is to find one healthy couple who’s learned to move on from their past mistakes, the continuously rotating cast makes The Big D an exciting game of chance. Without being able to predict who will join the cast next, things are always exciting on the spicy new USA series.

The Big D airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on USA.

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