All of Zoro’s Named Katanas Explained

Zoro possessed many swords during his time with the Straw Hats in Eiichiro Oda’s magnum opus One Piece. Since One Piece is set in a world with primitive guns, swords and blades are very popular weapons. Most of the characters wield swords, especially minor characters without any big roles like the marines and unnamed pirates. Major characters like Dracule Mihawk, the world’s strongest swordsman, Red Hair Shanks, and, of course, Zoro, have also chosen the sword as their main weapon. However, Zoro uses his swords differently than most.


Zoro wields three katanas at a time, with one in each hand and one in his mouth. Zoro’s somewhat ridiculous Three Sword Style requires the former pirate hunter to go through numerous swords, and he has constantly upgraded them throughout the series. One Piece‘s most powerful swords are a set of named swords that each have their own grading, ranking how strong they are. Zoro has acquired many of these over the series, which can make them tough to keep track of. Here is a list of every named sword the Straw Hats’ swordsman has possessed.

Wado Ichimonji


Zoro’s first-ever named sword is already of great quality. Wado Ichimonji is one of the 21 Great Grade Swords, which is only inferior to the Supreme Grade Sword. It was forged by the legendary Shimotzuki Kozaburo, who also forged Enma, and was handed down to his descendants including Kuina. Kuina’s father took Zoro in as a disciple when he was a child, and Zoro eventually became Kuina’s friend and rival. After Kuina heartbreakingly dies deeply affecting the young Zoro, he requests Wado Ichimonji from his master who gives it to him.

Since then, Zoro has been wielding Wano Ichimonji throughout the series. Its sharpness and durability proves itself during his fight with Mihawk. After taking Mihawk’s attack without Haki to reinforce his katanas, only Wado Ichimonji remains intact, showing the sword’s strength. Due to its power and significance to Zoro’s character, it is still one of the three swords that Zoro wields at the start of One Piece‘s Final Saga.

Sandai Kitetsu

After losing two of his katanas in his battle with Mihawk, Zoro went shopping for more when the Straw Hats stopped in Loguetown. When Zoro found a shop selling katanas, he picked Sandai Kitetsu out of a barrel, not knowing its significance. Sandai Kitetsu is a Grade Sword forged by Kozuki Sukiyaki that also carries a curse so powerful the shopkeeper initially didn’t want to sell it to him. However, this didn’t bother Zoro, so he decided to test whether his luck or the sword’s curse is stronger. He threw the sword into the air, then stretched out his arm seeing it would get cut. While this was definitely one of Zoro’s coolest moments and the test convinced the shopkeeper to sell it to him, Sandai Kitetsu is unfortunately one of the weaker swords Zoro has wielded, being only a Grade sword. Despite this, it is still one of the swords that Zoro wields going into One Piece‘s Final Saga.


After witnessing Zoro’s feat, the owner of the katana shop decides to give their family heirloom to Zoro for free. That family heirloom is Yubashiri, a Skillfull Grade Sword, which makes it more powerful than Sandai Kitetsu, but still weaker than the other blades Zoro has wielded. Unfortunately, during the Buster Call on Enies Lobby in One Piece‘s best arc, Shu, a marine captain who has eaten the Rust-Rust Fruit, gets a hold of Yubashiri and corrodes it into a pile of rust. The only thing that remains after that is a small blade and a hilt. Zoro finally puts it to rest on the Rumbar Pirates’ gravesite on Thriller Bark after he obtains another more powerful sword.


Ryuma blocking Zoro's attack - Thriller Bark - One Piece.

On Thriller Bark, Zoro met the zombie of Ryuma, a legendary samurai from Wano Country who One Piece has revealed is Zoro’s ancestor. They clashed swords, and Ryuma recognized Zoro as a worthy swordsman. Because of this, he bestowed his powerful blade Shusui upon Zoro. Like Wado Ichimonji, Shusui is also a Great Grade Sword. It is also a black sword like Mihawk’s Yoru, which means that it has been infused with Haki that increases its strength. This strength allows Zoro to wield considerable destructive power with the blade. Since it was owned by Ryuma, it is considered as one of Wano Country’s national treasures. So when Zoro finally visits Wano he returns it to Ryuma’s grave and exchanges it for the much more powerful Enma.


Zoro and Enma in One Piece anime

After Zoro returns Shusui to Ryuma’s grave, Hiyori gives him Enma, the katana she received from her father Kozuki Oden. It’s a Great Grade Sword like Wado Ichimonji and Shusui, although it isn’t a black sword yet. However, it’s said that once Enma’s blade has been turned black, it may increase in rank and become a Supreme Grade Sword like Mihawk’s Yoru and Whitebeard’s Murakumogiri. Enma also has the peculiar ability to suck up its wielder’s Armament Haki, which often results in an attack stronger than intended. Being wielded by Kozuki Oden, it manages to cut through Kaido’s almost impenetrable defenses and leave a scar. In Zoro’s hands, it manages to bring out a similar attack scarring the powerful Yonko a second time. While the sword is difficult to wield and causes him difficulty in the Raid on Onigashima, Zoro ultimately masters it during his epic fight against King. This is the final and most powerful of Zoro’s current swords entering One Piece‘s Final Saga.

While these five swords are the only named blades Zoro has wielded in the series thus far, they each prove how powerful the Straw Hats’ swordsman is. Some of the swords like Enma would even be impossible for a less skilled fighter to wield, demanding a firm mastery of Haki. Of course, it is likely that Zoro will receive another powerful named sword before the series is over, likely replacing Sandai Kitetsu. After all, Zoro hasn’t wielded any Supreme Grade Swords yet like his ultimate rival and mentor Mihawk. The named swords that Zoro acquires later in One Piece are sure to be epic new weapons that will take his skills to the next level, just like how each of the swords listed here did when he first acquired them.

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