A Surprising Straw Hat Besides Luffy Is A Member of One Piece’s ‘D’ Clan

Warning! Contains spoilers for One Piece #1085!In its bombshell latest chapter, One Piece revealed that one fan-favorite but surprising Straw Hat is actually a member of the illustrious “D Clan” that famously includes series protagonist Monkey D. Luffy. This is the name for the group of people who have a D. in their name and bear the mysterious Will of D. This clan has been one of the most fascinating mysteries mangaka Eiichiro Oda has introduced that fans have speculated on for years. And now they are finally getting the answers they’ve been waiting for along with information they weren’t expecting.


In chapter #1085, the mysterious villain Imu confronts Nefertari Cobra about a letter from his ancestor Nefertari Lily. Cobra had originally brought the topic to the 5 elders, hoping they could answer some of his questions, but upon seeing Imu sit on the Empty Throne, he realizes that no matter how he answers their question, he will likely be killed. So he decides to answer truthfully, stating that the name of his ancestor was actually Nefertari D. Lily, meaning that he bears the Will of D. When Sabo shows up to attempt to help him escape, Cobra tells him to inform his daughter Vivi that she also bears the D.

One Piece Reveals Vivi Bears the Will of D

Cobra reveals the Will of D in One Piece

This is a shocking twist that reincorporates Vivi into One Piece’s story. Vivi became a Straw Hat during the Alabasta saga, when she joined the crew to help reclaim her kingdom from the Warlord Crocodile. During this time she grew close with the crew, only parting ways to perform her duties as princess of Alabasta. Despite being absent for a long time, Vivi is still a Straw Hat and has followed their journey from afar. This latest twist is extremely exciting because it indicates that she may soon be joining Luffy and his crew in their fight against One Piece‘s most powerful characters.

After her father’s death, Vivi went into hiding with Wapol and Big News Morgans. Given that Wapol also knows about Imu and so Morgans may be publishing news about the secretive figure’s existence to One Piece’s world, this could thrust Vivi into direct conflict with the World Government. Since the Straw Hats are about to clash with one of the 5 elders on Egghead Island, this will put them and Vivi in a similar situation, which would make their reunion beneficial for both groups. This rebellion against the World Government would also perfectly fit Vivi’s newly revealed Will of D, which according to Imu represents those who would oppose them.

Vivi’s Will of D Will Involve Her More in One Piece‘s Final Saga

Cobra tells Sabo about the Will of D in One Piece

One Piece fans have been waiting for a reunion between Vivi and the Straw Hats ever since they separated all the way back at the end of Alabasta. It will also be heartwarming for Vivi to rejoin her closest friends and fight together with them yet again. It would also represent a welcome return to the spotlight for her character, who has been relegated to the background for too long. One Piece’s reveal that Vivi bears the Will of D is a promising sign of the character’s increased involvement in the story to come.

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