A Skull Rock & A Hard Place Quest Guide

Stories are slowly wrapping up in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but there’s a hidden quest still waiting for players to discover. Between A Skull Rock & A Hard Place is a quest that takes place after all the main story quests added in the latest update and will involve all the pillars.


After placing the Orb of Unity inside the pillar on Dazzle Beach, players are likely to see symbols appear on the surrounding ground as part of the new Update in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Unfortunately, there really won’t be any more context than that for players, so solving the puzzle is going to require a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking.

How To Start The Quest

Skull Rock in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In order to even unlock this quest, players must first complete The Dark Castle quest. This quest is what is considered to be the end of the main quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so it should be very obvious once it is completed. It has a couple of puzzles to get through which make take some time, but eventually, players will be able to obtain the Orb of Unity.

In order to get the Orb, players will have to return to the area after the quest has been completed and find the Orb. At that point, they can take it back to Dazzle Beach and place it inside the Pillar on the island near Skull Rock. At this point, the symbols will appear.

What Do The Symbols Mean

The symbols around the pillar in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After the symbols appear on the island next to Skull Rock, players will be left to find the answer on their own. Fortunately, these symbols should look strangely familiar as they match the symbols inside the various orbs around Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Now with that information, the puzzle may seem even more confusing, but the answer is actually the simplest one a player could think of. The various pillars need to be moved from their locations around the Valley to this island and placed upon their matching symbol. It’s a little tedious but simple enough.

How To Solve The Pillar Symbols Puzzle

Placing pillar on symbol in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To solve this puzzle, grab all of the friendship pillars from around the Valley and bring them close to where the symbols are so that all of them are easily visible and within grabbing distance. Be aware that going based on colors is not a good idea as not all of the colors match exactly, so if the symbols are hard to see then it may take some trial and error. The pillar that has the Orb of Unity placed inside it is going to remain in the center and all of the other pillars will form a circle around it. To begin, players need to look closely at the symbols on the floor and the symbols on the pillars.

Unfortunately, while some Disney Dreamlight Valley mysteries have riddles to help solve them, there is nothing more here to help. There are going to be seven pillars surrounding the Orb of Unity, if starting from the one directly behind the pillar, closest to the raft on the island, this is going to be for the Peaceful Meadow Pillar.

Luckily each pillar also resembles its associated biome, which makes them easier to differentiate between. Place the Peaceful Meadow pillar directly on top of the symbol using the furniture tab in the inventory screen. With that first pillar placed, this will serve as the start of the clockwise circle surrounding the Orb of Unity.

The Order Of The Dazzle Beach Pillars

All of the pillars in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If looking straight ahead, as if the Peaceful Meadow pillar were a 12 on a clock, the rest of the pillars are going to fall in a clockwise line that goes

  • Peaceful Meadow Pillar (Grassy Pillar)
  • Glade of Trust Pillar (Moss Coverered Pillar)
  • Sunlit Plateau Pillar (Pillar that looks like a Tree)
  • Forgotten Realms Pillar (Purple, vine-covered Pillar)
  • Frosted Heights Pillar (Snow Covered Pillar)
  • Forest of Valor Pillar (Dark Green Pillar)
  • Dazzle Beach Pillar (Brown Marbles Stone Pillar)

Place each pillar in the above order on top of their associated symbol. Note that the pillars can be placed down in any order, but the above order is the placement that they will need to be. After all of the pillars have been placed correctly, the player will be made aware as the ground will begin to shake, as a small earthquake and a small cutscene of Disney Dreamlight Valley will ensue.

If none of this happens, something is wrong. It is likely that one of the pillars either isn’t fully on their symbol or two of them were mixed up by accident. Simply try adjusting them all and if that doesn’t work then take another look at the order and descriptions to ensure they are correct.

Speak With Merlin

Merlin standing wisely in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once the ground has shaken and the cutscene has been completed, players will know they have solved the puzzle correctly. Nothing else that is super obvious will happen, but players will still believe it’s something to be consulted on and there’s only one man to speak to when something weird happens. Go and find Merlin in Disney Dreamlight Valley to discuss the weird phenomenon that just occurred on Dazzle Beach to see if he knows anything about it. After finding him, explain what happened, at which point he will be confused, and promise to look into it further.

Once that is done and Merlin has been told about the strange occurrence, the quest will be completed. At this time, there is no further context as to what this is all about, but players should be rest assured that there will likely be more information to come in further updates.

Now that the main storyline is otherwise completed, players are free to focus on whatever they would like, including building friendships with characters, completing side quests, or even doing a bit of redecorating in Disney Dreamlight Valley until the next batch of content becomes available.

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