A Huge Squid Game Season 2 Theory Involving Front Man May Have Been Confirmed By Latest Casting News

Netflix’s confirmation of Squid Game season 2 returning character backs up the show’s biggest Front Man theory. The streaming platform offers a substantial update about what’s next for their South Korean smash hit series two years after it became a massive success. While specific plot details are being kept under wraps about the show, Netflix lays out the primary cast for Squid Game season 2 during their Tudum 2023 event, which includes the confirmation that Hwang Jun-Ho is returning for the series’ sophomore year despite being shot in season 1.


Per Netflix, Squid Game season 2’s cast will be a mix of old and new faces. Every surviving primary character from season 1 is confirmed to come back for its next outing, and they will be joined by a string of fresh players such as Kang Ha-Neul, Yim Si-Wan, Park Sung-Hoon, and Yang Dong-Geun. While there’s interest in learning about the next iteration of Squid Game, it’s safe to say that the main focus is on what lies ahead for existing characters in the show. No release date has been announced for Squid Game season 2, but Jun-Ho’s return could be an indication of a big twist coming viewers’ way.

In-Ho’s Survival Proves Front Man Didn’t Want To Kill Him

After spending a considerable time tracking down his missing brother, Jun-Ho was faced with the ugly truth that Hwang In-Ho was behind the Squid Game operation and is now known as Front Man. Sadly, he didn’t get the chance to fully process the revelation as he was immediately shot by his own brother, resulting in him falling down the cliff and into the ocean. Squid Game season 1 left his fate uncertain, but his confirmed return in season 2 proves the ongoing theory that In-Ho didn’t want to kill him. Instead, he shot his younger brother in an effort to save him.

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There have been other indications that Front Man didn’t really want to kill Jun-Ho. For starters, he instinctively stopped his men from going after his men from attacking his brother after Jun-Ho shot him first. Secondly, he also didn’t have to show his face before firing his gun, but he did as if he wanted Jun-Ho to trust him. Finally, it would have been easier to shoot Jun-Ho fatally considering their proximity. Instead, however, he aimed at his shoulder — a relatively safe shot.

Front Man Could Be The Key To Gi-Hun’s Revenge In Squid Game Season 2


Wanting to save his brother establishes that In-ho isn’t the pure bad guy that fans are led to believe. This makes Front Man’s backstory so much more intriguing, and hopefully, Squid Game season 2 finally explore it. If he is simply forced to manage the operation after winning, then it’s possible that he has also bubbling resentment against the elite who run the deadly games. At this point, he just doesn’t have any way to execute his revenge or even get out of his predicament.

If Jun-ho can get to his older brother in Squid Game season 2, it’s possible that can convince him to switch sides and take down the operation. This will effectively tie their story to the newly red-hair Seong Gi-Hun’s plans to take down the whole Squid Game organization after everything they put him and his friends through. Despite knowing about Oh Il-Nam, Gi-Hun still needs more allies if he wants to successfully execute his plan. An insider like Front Man is the perfect person for that.

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