8 Signs Rhodey Is A Skrull In Secret Invasion

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Marvel’s Secret Invasion episode 3

Marvel’s new Secret Invasion show has revealed several potential clues regarding whether Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Don Cheadle) is actually a shapeshifting Skrull in disguise. The world is currently in the midst of a massive Skrull attack in the MCU which could lead to nuclear war and the planet being claimed by Skrulls in the fallout. As such, trust is in short supply as the Skrulls have replaced several leaders and key figures in a bid to take Earth as their own. This could very well include Rhodey, the only Avenger who’s been featured in the new MCU series thus far.

In Secret Invasion episode 2, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) sets up a meeting with Rhodey in the wake of a massive bombing in Moscow caused by Skrulls posing as anti-Russia Americans, framing the United States for the attack. Following an emergency summit he was sent to on behalf of the White House, Rhodey agrees to meet with Fury after appearing before multiple concerned national leaders (some of which are confirmed to be Skrulls such as the head of NATO and the UK Prime Minister). However, several clues during Rhodey and Fury’s conversation could very well be teasing Rhodes’ true identity as a Skrull himself.

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8 Rhodey Calls Nick Fury “Nick” In Secret Invasion (But So Have Others)

nick fury talking to carol danvers in captain marvel

A big hint that’s been talked about online is the fact that Rhodey calls Nick Fury by his first name during their tense conversation. As a result, this conflicts with Fury’s claims in 2019’s Captain Marvel that no one calls him “Nick”. This could be an indicator that Rhodey might not be who he seems, instead being a Skrull spy embedded within the White House.

However, it should be mentioned that there’s still a small circle of MCU characters who have called Fury by his first name such as Tony Stark and Maria Hill before she died in Secret Invasion’s premiere episode. That being said, it’s hard to know if Rhodey and Fury were close enough that “Nick” was allowed in their relationship. It’s also worth noting that Rhodey was firing Fury from his position at S.A.B.E.R when he said it, so it’s possible Rhoedy using Fury’s first name was a sign of disrespect during their heated interaction (regardless of Rhodey’s possible status as a Skrull).

7 Carpet-Bombing Slovakia As War Machine

Rhodey’s line about Slovakia is another clue that may point to his status as a Skrull. During the summit, the representative from Slovakia is clearly not interested in Col. Rhodes’ commitment to the belief that Fury and Maria Hill were only “allegedly” in Moscow at the time of the bombing. He also requests more evidence despite the provided photos from the Russian government, motivating Slovakia to scoff more than once.

As a result, Rhodey at one point covers his mic and turns to his aide, saying that “if Slovakia rolls its eyes at me one more time, I’m gonna put on the suit and carpet-bomb it”, a reference to Rhodey’s War Machine armor. Clearly, the line is full of sass and not to be taken seriously. That being said, it does seem like a line that would be more fitting for someone like Tony Stark.

6 Rhodey Already Knew About Secret Invasion’s Skrulls

brixton skrulls in 1997 secret invasion

During Rhodey’s conversation with Fury, it’s revealed that Rhodey has known about the Skrulls for close to 15 years. Apparently, Rhodey was invited to a Pentagon presentation about the shapeshifting aliens back in 2010. While this could have been a prime opportunity for Skrulls to have replaced Rhodes, it’s important to note that the Skrulls were still Fury’s allies at the time. It’s only within the last few years that the Skrull Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir) has incited a movement to take Earth by force due to years of unkept promises from Fury and Captain Marvel that they would find them a new home.

However, the mere fact that Rhodey has known about the Skrullls’ existence on Earth for so long may have made him a target when Gravik’s revolution was set in motion. He could have been replaced shortly after the Blip or even during the Blip itself, joining countless other humans who’ve gradually been replaced by Skrull operatives in the MCU. As an envoy for the White House with access to current US President Ritson, his position would make him quite valuable to the Skrulls.

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5 Rhodey’s New White House Job Conflict With Infinity War

Rhodey With Secratary Ross in Infinity War

That said, the position Rhodey now holds with the White House is suspect in its own right. After all, Rhdoey came to regret his decision to sign the Sokovia Accords in Captain America: Civil War, a mistake he rectifies in Avengers: Infinity War by defying US Secretary Ross and siding with his fellow Avengers despite their status as wanted fugitives. As such, it’s now odd that Rhodey has joined the US government so directly in such a high position (unless his recent actions were instead those of a Skrull).

4 Rhodey Fires Nick Fury (Which Helps Skrulls)

Rhodey with Nick Fury in Secret Invasion

Because Fury and Rhodey’s conversation ends with Rhodey firing Fury from his role as head of S.A.B.E.R., Fury’s lack of support will undoubtedly make the Skrulls’ mission easier. Tensions are naturally high due to the deaths of thousands of Russian civilians, not to mention Maria Hill herself. Naturally, the White House wanted to sever ties with Fury, and Rhodey himself confirms he volunteered to do it. However, it’s also possible that Rhodes might have encouraged the firing as well, assuming that he is in fact a Skrull working for Gravik.

3 Rhodey Wants To Call Avengers In Secret Invasion

Split Image: Avengers Age of Ultron poster in black and white; Nick Fury in Secret Invasion

Once Nick Fury lays out the threat and confirms just how dangerous the new Skrull threat is to the world, Rhodey asks why they don’t call their friends and assemble the Avengers. However, Fury rightly says that they shouldn’t be premature in calling the calvary, lest the Skrulls start impersonating the Avengers themselves and get framed as terrorists right alongside Fury himself. However, the Skrulls may want the Avengers’ involvement in Secret Invasion, seeing as how they could then attempt to recover DNA samples for their Super-Skrull program (Gravik’s assumed contingency for dealing with metahumans).

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2 Rhodey And Nick Fury’s Secret Invasion Conversation Features A Green Lily Leaf

Green Lily Leaf in Secret Invasion

There’s also a key visual cue present during Fury and Rhodey’s conversation in Secret Invasion episode 2. As seen on the table, there’s a single green lily leaf in a vase that’s very similar to the color of the Skrulls’ green skin. While it could be a coincidence, one of the biggest themes in Secret Invasion has naturally been paranoia and distrust. Nothing should be taken at face value in a show where the primary antagonists are shape-shifters, so this lily could likely be connected to the fact that Rhodey is actually a Skrull in disguise within President Ritson’s administration.

1 Armor Wars Plot Could Hint At Rhodey’s Skrull Identity

war machine in armor wars

It’s also worth noting that the plot of War Machine’s upcoming Armor Wars movie does support Rhodey being a Skrull in Secret Invasion. It’s already been confirmed by actor Don Cheadle that Secret Invasion will help set up Rhodey’s arc in Armor Wars where War Machine will be fighting to protect Iron Man’s legacy with his technology from being corrupted, possibly after it falls into the wrong hands. Perhaps several suits and more Stark tech gets stolen and sold on the black market, escaping Rhodey’s notice as he’s been incapacitated while a Skrull has been posing as him in the White House.

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