5 Shocking 90 Day Fiancé Hair Transformations Ranked (Jenny’s On The List)

90 Day Fiancé viewers have witnessed several cast members’ makeovers, but these are the hair transformations that were the most shocking. Being a 90DF star comes with perks, and the biggest one is getting famous. When cast members start gaining popularity on social media, oftentimes, they become household names. Many then decide to get makeovers, which may leave them looking unrecognizable.

From getting dye jobs to choosing the sassiest cuts, 90 Day Fiancé cast members get hair makeovers that don’t require a major investment of time and money. However, change can be dramatic enough to kickstart their overall transformations. These looks are trendy, and may earn instant double taps from followers on Instagram. However, the bottom line is that they make the cast member feel good about themselves, even during tough times.

5 Jenny Slatten Went For A Dramatic Change

Jenny Shocking Hair Makeover in 90 Day Fiance three side by side images

California woman Jenny took a big risk in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 1. She was leaving her life in America behind, and moving to India to get married to a man who had catfished her. However, Jenny wasn’t one to take risks with regard to her fashion, or looks in general.

Jenny has worn a signature outfit throughout all her 90 Day Fiancé spin-offs, consisting of an Indian kurta dress, her glasses, and untied, silky-straight hair. Jenny’s hair used to be thin and limp, and she never tried to style it in different ways. Fans may have expected Jenny to get a makeover, and it never happened, at least while she was on TV.

However, Jenny first started trying out new styles when she dyed her hair a deep brown color in November 2022. The look gave her a youthful air, and that could be the reason why she’s decided to keep it brown. Jenny lost more than a few pounds by focusing on her fitness. In June 2023, Jenny shocked her followers on social media by debuting her brand-new look. She still had her chocolate brown hair color, but she’s now cut her hair much shorter. She’s chosen a flattering bob style, and it does make her look more stunning than ever.

4 Daniele Gates Has Reinvented Herself With Cute Hairstyles

Daniele Gates Hair Transformation in 90 Day Fiance

Daniele’s sported her tight blonde curls since her debut on 90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise season 2. She channels her inner Madonna in her Instagram photos, and wears her blonde mop like Marilyn Monroe when she has to get dolled up for reunions. However, Daniele has now returned to the franchise with 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 5, and a brand-new hairdo. Daniele’s hair is longer than ever, and she ties it in a wavy ponytail. Recently, in June 2023, Daniele gave a shout-out to co-star Miona Bell, when she tried out a long blonde ponytail extension.

3 Ariela Weinberg Has Gotten More Glamorous

Ariela from 90 Day Fiancé was almost six months pregnant when she was first shown as a 90DF cast member. She wore comfortable clothes, and went for unstyled hair. In fact, she rarely paid any attention to how she looked.

Once Ariela became a mommy, she began transforming herself from head to toe. Ariela lost all of her baby weight and more. By the time she was back for a new season after giving birth, Ariela was 50 pounds slimmer. She looked very glamorous. She made some changes to her face by getting fillers, and started sporting stylish braids and shiny, salon-styled tresses.

Ariela’s hair appears to be naturally curly, but she does prefer to keep it either straight or wavy. It’s been a long time since Ariela was seen on 90 Day Fiancé. When she debuted her extreme makeover in May 2023, fans may have failed to recognize her. Ariela got light blonde highlights in her hair. Her straight locks now fall in loose, wavy ringlets. This look suits Ariela so well that she might stick to it for a little bit longer.

2 Paola Mayfield Loves Creative Hair Looks

Paola Mayfield Hair Makeover In 90 Day Fiance three side by side images

Colombian beauty Paola was the star of 90 Day Fiancé season 1. She’d met her husband Russ when he was working in her country as a field engineer. Paola soon moved to the U.S. Paola and Russ got married in 2013, and they welcomed their first baby, a boy named Axel, in 2019. Paola and Russ were seen in 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? for the first four seasons. Since then, they’ve stayed away from reality TV, while both have explored different careers. Paola has had the more creative resume out of the two, which has allowed her to dramatically transform herself often.

Paola used to have jet-black hair in season 1, but her next biggest makeover was when she turned blonde and tried beach waves. In 2019, she turned into Disney princess Ariel with her cherry red hair. While some suspected it was a wig, Paola seemed to have really gone for the fiery look. There was a phase where Paola chose to have some Barbie pink curls, which she wore effortlessly. The soft pink hue was a hit. Pro wrestler Paola currently wears her hair long and blonde, in another Barbie-esque style.

1 Big Ed Brown Debuted A Silver Fox Look

Big Ed’s hair was more interesting than he was to viewers of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, upon his season 4 debut. Big Ed was 31 years older than his girlfriend from the Philippines, Rose Vega, and he was trying every trick in the book to look younger for her. Before he packed his bags and flew off to her country, Big Ed wanted his hair to look dark and healthy. He kept dyeing it black, which dried it out. In order to save it, Big Ed decided to massage it with mayonnaise.

He knew it made his tresses smell like an egg salad sandwich, but Big Ed would have done anything for love, except actually love his girlfriend. When Rose dumped him, and he found another younger woman to date, Big Ed’s hair was longer and oilier than ever. He chopped it off when they split. Big Ed looked great with the touches of white in his hair. He was much more handsome than before. Knowing how good he looks with his silver fox look, 90 Day Fiancé star Big Ed has managed to maintain his hairstyle, and might just wear it to his upcoming wedding as well.

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