2 MCU Stars Join David Leitch’s Movie

Based on the ’80s TV series of the same name, The Fall Guy boasts a stellar cast of actors that have had enough experience in the action and comedy genres. Helmed by stuntman-turned-filmmaker David Leitch (John Wick, Atomic Blonde), The Fall Guy revolves around a stuntman who is way past his prime as he gets involved in a movie star’s abduction. The cast and story of The Fall Guy implies that it will be a big-budget action comedy, with Leitch exploring this genre once again after endeavors like Deadpool 2 and Bullet Train. This also marks his second collaboration with screenwriter Drew Pearce who previously co-wrote Leitch’s Hobbs & Shaw.


The Fall Guy cast includes big names, like Ryan Gosling (who also serves as producer) and Emily Blunt, and even though most of the characters’ names are kept under wraps, their involvement in the plot has still been revealed. The high-profile casting decisions seem to perfectly align with Leitch’s post-John Wick filmography that has often included ensemble-led action productions. With The Fall Guy’s satirical premise taking digs at Hollywood and the behind-the-scenes work of stunt performers in the industry, Leitch’s previous stuntwork experience for movies like The Matrix franchise, 300 and The Bourne Ultimatum is bound to add a personal touch to this modern-day take on a classic series.

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Ryan Gosling As Colt

Ryan Gosling driving in Drive

Ryan Gosling leads The Fall Guy cast as Colt Seavers, a stuntman who was once involved in leading Hollywood productions before his career went through several setbacks. The battered stunt performer is also envious of a movie star but when he goes missing, Colt must resort to his physical strength and knowledge of stunt effects for an unexpected mission just like how the original TV series found Colt moonlighting as a bounty hunter. Gosling has had a similar role before in the neo-noir Drive in which he played the stunt driver simply known as The Driver and traveling motorcycle stuntman Luke Glanton in The Place Beyond the Pines.

The Fall Guy marks Gosling’s first collaboration with Leitch but continues his affinity for the action genre, having previously played the CIA assassin, codenamed Six in The Gray Man, and the LAPD blade runner K in Blade Runner 2049. Gosling has also had his fair share of dramatic roles, such as jazz pianist Seb Wilder in La La Land, astronaut Neil Armstrong in First Man, lumber mill worker and ill-fated lover Noah Calhoun in The Notebook and Deutsche Bank salesman Jared Vennett in The Big Short. The Golden Globe winner and two-time Oscar nominee also joined Greta Gerwig’s Barbie cast as Ken.

Emily Blunt As Jody

Emily Blunt pressing a button in Edge of Tomorrow

Although Jody Banks was Colt’s fellow stuntwoman and eventual love interest in the original TV series, Emily Blunt joins The Fall Guy cast with a different take on the character. Jody is introduced as Colt’s ex-girlfriend and a debutant director who is working on her first feature film. The Fall Guy adds to Blunt’s profile as an action star. Having appeared in numerous dramas and romantic comedies, the actor starred alongside Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow as war veteran Sergeant Rita Vrataski. Emily Blunt’s action heroine status was enhanced with roles like A Quiet Place’s post-apocalyptic survivor Evelyn Abbott and Jungle Cruise’s adventure-seeking botanist Dr. Lily Houghton.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson As Unknown

Aaron Taylor-Johnson looking serious in Bullet Train

Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays an unnamed character who is revealed to be a leading movie star. Colt once used to act as his stunt double but now must become his savior as the actor gets kidnapped. The Fall Guy marks Taylor-Johnson’s second collaboration with Leitch, having previously been cast in Bullet Train as the short-tempered assassin Tangerine. The actor broke out with the superhero comedy Kick-Ass in which he played the titular vigilante and later went on to play the superhuman speedster Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron and explosive disposal expert Ford Brody in the 2014 Godzilla reboot. He also plays the titular villain in Kraven the Hunter.

Stephanie Hsu As Unknown

Stephanie Hsu walking in Everything Everywhere All at Once

Fresh off her Best Supporting Oscar nomination for Everything Everywhere All at Once, Stephanie Hsu also joins The Fall Guy cast. She plays the personal assistant to Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s movie star character. Stephanie Hsu proved she’s a star in Everything Everywhere All at Once, handling the dual roles of Michelle Yeoh’s on-screen daughter Joy Wang and Jobu Tupaki, a nihilist threat to the multiverse. The actor is also known for her recurring role as Mei Lin in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Hsu’s character is an ominous Chinese-American woman who is connected to a gambling ring. She also guest-starred on American Born Chinese as the Chinese goddess Shiji Niangniang.

Winston Duke As Unknown

Winston Duke holding a baseball bat in Us

Winston Duke plays Colt’s best friend in The Fall Guy, but his character is unnamed at the moment. After Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Duke is the second MCU actor to join as he was cast in the Black Panther movies as M’Baku, the leader of the rebellious Jabari Tribe. Duke is also known for starring alongside Lupita Nyong’o in the horror Us, playing family man Gabriel “Gabe” Wilson and his evil double, Abraham. He also drew acclaim for his performance in the fantasy drama Nine Days in which he played Will, a divine arbiter who judges souls before they inhabit any living bodies.

Hannah Waddingham As UnknownHannah Waddingham smiling and looking sideways in Ted Lasso

Hannah Waddingham joins The Fall Guy cast in the role of a film producer. Not much is known about her character, but the role of a producer fits Waddingham who already played an authority figure in the sports comedy series Ted Lasso. For her performance as football club owner Rebecca Walton, Waddingham also took home a Primetime Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Waddingham is also known for playing high-schooler Jackson’s overbearing mother, Sophia Marchetti, in Sex Education and the religious sect member Septa Unella in season 5 of Game of Thrones. The British actor also co-hosted the 2023 EuroVision Song Contest.

Teresa Palmer As Unknown

Teresa Palmer looking sideways in Lights Out

The Fall Guy cast also includes Teresa Palmer but neither her character’s name nor background has been revealed yet. The Australian actor has appeared in varied takes on the horror and fantasy genre. She starred in Warm Bodies as the zombie apocalypse survivor Julie and in Lights Out as Rebecca, a woman whose family is haunted by a supernatural entity. She also had supporting appearances in Hacksaw Ridge as Dorothy Schutte, the wife of real-life pacifist soldier Desmond Doss and in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice as the titular protagonist’s love interest Becky Barnes. She also co-wrote, co-produced and played a vulnerable former actor named Ava in the drama The Ever After.

Lee Majors As Unknown

Lee Majors smirking in The Fall Guy

The Daily Mirror reported that the original star of The Fall Guy TV series will also be appearing in Leitch’s movie. Lee Majors, who originated the role of Colt Seavers on television, revealed that he got a surprise phone call from Leitch asking him to join the Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt-fronted action comedy. Majors is a television veteran who earned fame for playing the stuntman in The Fall Guy and the astronaut-turned-bionic secret agent Colonel Steve Austin in The Six Million Dollar Man. The Golden Globe nominee was also cast in Ash vs Evil Dead as Brock Williams, the estranged father of Deadites-fighting hero Ash Williams.

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