13 Greatest Avengers Members Who Joined in the 80s (Ranked)

The ‘80s was a period of great change for the Avengers. Not only did the premier Marvel team go through some major trials in storylines such as “Avengers: Under Siege” and Secret Wars, but the Avengers also saw their roster expand considerably. The decade saw the addition of numerous heroes to the ranks of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, from notable A-Listers to surprising out-of-left-field choices.

While many of the new heroes belonged to other teams, joining the Avengers is a serious feather in the cap of any Marvel icon. Discover the 13 greatest Avengers that joined the team in the 80s.



13 U.S. Agent

USAgent Marvel Comics

The controversial once-replacement for Captain America found himself an official Avengers member, to the rest of his teammates’ chagrin. In West Coast Avengers #44, John Walker, aka U.S. Agent was placed on Clint Barton’s West Coast Avengers by the Commission on Superhuman Activities, who felt the team needed someone to keep tabs on them. Walker would later become an official member nearly 30 issues later. But his inclusion rubbed several West Coast Avengers the wrong way, especially its founder, Hawkeye.

12 Demolition Man

Demolition Man Marvel

Dennis Dunphy might not have the most luck as a hero, but his heart has always been in the right place. After becoming an official hero, he fought by Captain America’s side multiple times and even joined the search to find him after Steve Rogers abandoned his Captain America identity. Rogers paid it forward and recruited D-Man to be an Avenger in Captain America #349. Unfortunately, the hero was lost on his first mission, nearly dying in a plane crash.

11 Wonder Man

Wonder Man Marvel

Actor Simon Williams was a part of the original lineup of Avengers but joined as part of a plan to betray and take down the team from the inside. However, he sacrificed his life to save his new allies and upon coming back to life he was allowed back on the team (after a brief probationary period). Wonder Man’s punishment ended in Avengers #194, which saw Williams become an official Avenger in earnest.

10 Mockingbird

Mockingbird Marvel

When Hawkeye took the reins and spearheaded a new version of the Avengers, he recruited his then-wife and well-skilled S.H.I.E.L.D agent Mockingbird, aka Bobbi Morse. While Bobbi brought a lot of passion and support to the team, her tenure on the Avengers was marked with tragedy after she was kidnapped and brainwashed by the Phantom Rider. However, Mockingbird served on other incarnations of the team such as the Secret Avengers and the New Avengers.

9 Spectrum

Spectrum Marvel

Monica Rambeau made history when she joined the Avengers. Rambeau is the first black female member of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and joined the team as Captain Marvel hoping they could help her gain control of her new powers. Though she initially joined the team as a member-in-training, Monica became a full-fledged member of the team in Avengers #231. While on the team, Monica helped the team take down threats such as the Beyonder and Kang the Conqueror.

8 Human Torch

Jim Hammond Human Torch Marvel

No, not the fiery member of the Fantastic Four, but the Invader that fought alongside Captain America during WWII. The Torch reappeared when Scarlet Witch was seeking answers about her husband, the Vision, discovering that the latter was made from spare parts of the former. The Torch joined the West Coast Avengers and served as one of the team’s most powerful members before he lost his powers and briefly retired.

7 The Thing

Thing Marvel

One member of the Fantastic Four that did join the Avengers during the ‘80s is the team’s notorious orange rocky hero, the Thing. Ben Grimm had left his team, angry and hurt at his teammate Johnny Storm for dating Alicia Masters. He briefly joined the West Coast Avengers and assisted on a few missions. However, he would wind up returning to his old team not too long after leaving the Fantastic Four. Though brief, Thing fit into the team surprisingly well.

6 Moon Knight

moon knight costume declan shalvey

The West Coast Avengers were many Marvel heroes’ first experience being on a superhero team. This is true for Marc Spector, who allied himself with the team in West Coast Avengers #21. However, Moon Knight’s violent ways didn’t gel with the rest of the heroes, and Spector ultimately left just a couple dozen issues later. But despite his brief time with the team, Moon Knight was more than able to keep up with some of Marvel’s most powerful heroes.

5 War Machine

War Machine Marvel

James “Rhodey” Rhodes joined the Avengers at a particularly notable point in his superhero career. After his close friend Tony Stark’s life fell apart, Rhodes took over as the new Iron Man. It wasn’t too long after taking on the new identity that he was invited to join the West Coast Avengers in West Coast Avengers #1. Rhodes later became War Machine and joined the team under that identity, though he’d later resign after a dramatic confrontation with the original Iron Man.

4 Namor

Namor Marvel

While Namor and the Avengers had their differences in the past, the Sub-Mariner made his way onto the team in Avengers #262. Namor pays the Avengers a visit, who notice how down he is after being forced to abdicate his throne. Captain America offers Namor the chance to find a renewed sense of purpose by giving him a spot on the Avengers, which Namor readily accepts. Namor stayed for a few years but ultimately left the Avengers after the “Atlantis Attacks” crossover.

3 Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman Marvel

Avengers #300 presented an all-new lineup of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, which included half of the Fantastic Four. Susan Storm, aka the Invisible Woman, joined the team in the seminal issue after leaving the Fantastic Four for the sake of their son Franklin Richards. Susan and Reed served on the Avengers for a while. However, she and Mister Fantastic ultimately returned to their former team within a few years.

2 Mister Fantastic

Mister Fantastic Marvel

Mister Fantastic loves science and being able to make the world a better place with his team, the Fantastic Four. But when circumstances required he take leave from the team to look after his son Franklin better, Reed and his wife Susan went without a second thought. Reed joined the Avengers in Avengers #300, but it wasn’t long before he went back to being the head of the First Family of Marvel.

1 She-Hulk

She-Hulk Marvel

The Marvel Universe’s greatest ass-kicking lawyer showed what she was made of in Avengers #221. Determining they were in need of new blood, the Avengers launched a search for heroes most likely suited to the team’s needs. Unfortunately, a meet-and-greet is interrupted by the Mechonaut. But Jennifer Walters assists Wasp in taking the villain down, earning her a spot on the team. While Walters would be a member of several superhero crews, becoming an Avenger was a serious achievement.

The ’80s was a great time for the Avengers, because it had 13 amazing heroes find their way onto the team’s illustrious roster.

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