13 Actors Who Would Be Perfect

The creator of the Prime Video series Invincible, Robert Kirkman, told viewers that a live-action adaptation of the film is in the works, which leaves fans to speculate who will be playing the beloved characters. Invincible is the story of Mark Grayson who is working to live up to his father’s legacy, but he discovers his father may not be as heroic as he seems. Invincible is releasing its second season in late 2023, and it has already been renewed for a third, but little is known about the development of the live-action film.

According to Kirkman, the development of the live-action Invincible film has been rather slow, stating that films take longer to develop. At Comic-Con@Home in 2021 Kirkman said, “I will say that there are massive efforts going in to make sure that the film experience is unique. I couldn’t be more excited about the stuff that we’re doing, but I can’t tell you yet.” With the anticipation for the live-action version of Invisible, here are 13 actors that would be perfect to portray the characters on screen.



13 Damien Darkblood – David Harbour

David Harbour in Hellboy

David Harbour has been a part of franchises such as Hellboy, Stranger Things, and Marvel’s Black Widow. Not only did he play a half-demon in Hellboy, but he also played a police chief in Stranger Things. Damien Darkblood inhabits both of those aspects as he is a demon detective. His presence is unsettling to even the mighty Omin-Man, the most powerful individual on Earth. Harbour would effortlessly embody Darkblood’s stoic disposition as he strives for justice, primarily as a means to remain out of hell.

12 Rex Splode – Jordan Fisher

A close-up of Jordan Fisher

Rex Splode is a former member of the Teen Team and a current member of The Guardian of the Globe. He possesses the ability to manipulate energy and use it as an explosive weapon. While a hero, he does have his fair share of negative attributes like his cocky immature nature and the fact that he cheated on Adam Eve with Dupli-Kate. Jordan Fisher would be able to take on the negatives of this character while also being able to showcase his light caring nature, which will make him a strong addition to the live-action Invincible film.

11 Black Samson – Terry Crews

Terry Crews in a Deadpool 2

Black Samson is a long-time member of The Guardians of the Globe and avoided being murdered with the rest of the team as he was recovering from an injury at the time of the brutal attack. Terry Crews would be perfect for this role as he is able to take on a tough demeanor, and once he bonds with the new Guardians he will be able to shift into his more open and sweet side. Terry Crews also portrayed Bedlam in Deadpool 2 giving him experience in playing characters with super abilities.

10 Monster Girl – Mckenna Grace

Mckenna Grace looking into a mirror

Monster Girl was a new addition to The Guardians of the Globe, and possesses the ability to shift into a large monster form, but at the cost of her de-aging. She is an incredibly strong character, both in her monster and human form, due to the fact that she must consistently advocate to be treated like an adult. Mckenna Grace would shine as Monster Girl as she has so much film experience with over 70 credits to her name at just 16 years old. She has tackled difficult characters and would be able to bring strength, maturity, and heartache to Monster Girl’s experience.

9 Robot – Zachary Quinto & Dallas Dupree Young

Split image of Zachary Quinto and Dallas Dupree Young

Robot is a member of The Guardians of the Globe, as he helps the team through his advanced artificial intelligence. Over the course of the series, he slowly becomes more self-serving and moves away from his heroic attributes. The original Robot is voiced by Zachary Quinto, and he would make the perfect addition to the film as he can sound very mechanical while also providing hints of emotion in the performance. Once he transfers his consciousness into the clone of Rex, Dallas Dupree Young would be perfect to embody the human version of Robot as he showcased his lovable but also powerful nature on Cobra Kai.

8 The Mauler Twins – The Rock

The Rock in Jumanji 

While not exactly twins, Mauler is a mad scientist who always has a clone of himself present just in case something were to go wrong with one of his experiments. Mauler ensures that both twins remain unaware of their originality, as he believes revealing such information would negatively impact their relationship. Knowing the truth could lead one twin to perceive themselves as inferior, potentially causing resentment and a strain in their bond. The Rock would be great for the role of The Mauler Twins as he could play the intimidating mad scientist as well as provide humor when claiming that he is the original.

7 Cecil Stedman – Iain Glen

A close up of Iain Glen

Cecil Stedman is the government agent in charge of The Guardians of the Globe, and after the Guardians were murdered he worked to uncover the true killer. He is unafraid to do whatever means necessary to protect the greater good, as he presents himself with a cold and authoritative demeanor. However, underneath he is a very caring individual. Iain Glen has performed characters where he is struggling to fulfill his duty as he is affected by the people around him in both Game of Thrones and Silo, which makes him a strong choice for Cecil in the live-action Invincible film.

6 William Clockwell – Kit Connor

Kit Connor in Heartstopper

William Clockwell serves as Mark’s best friend in Invincible, and while he does not have any powers of his own, he is one of the people that keeps Mark grounded. William’s unwavering loyalty and enthusiastic personality helps anchor Mark as he deals with the hardships of being a hero and the betrayal of his father. Kit Connor would be an ideal fit for the role of William, as he excels at portraying endearing and good-natured characters, as he showcases in the show Heartstopper.

5 Amber Bennett – Yara Shahidi

Yara Shahidi looking bored in Blackish

Amber Bennett, a fellow schoolmate and on-and-off girlfriend of Mark, possesses a sharp intellect and a strong commitment to social justice, which is what drew her to Mark when he stood up to a school bully. Amber is very observant and intelligent as she was able to deduce that Mark was in fact Invincible before he came clean to her about the fact. Yara Shahidi would be an impeccable choice to play Amber, as her portrayal of Zoey in the show Blackish demonstrated her brilliant combination of intelligence, wit, and confidence, which would translate to the live-action Invincible film.

4 Atom Eve – Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld in Hawkeye

Atom Eve is a former member of the Teen Team, as she left after she discovered Rex Splode cheating on her with Dupli-Kate. Atom Eve has the power to manipulate matter on a subatomic scale giving her numerous abilities like flight, energy blasts, and force fields. While she possesses a loving personality, she grapples with a sense of self-discovery, which is why she finds peace isolated in nature as she works on her inner growth. Hailee Steinfeld’s portrayal would beautifully capture Atom Eve’s compassionate nature while preserving her underlying strength as she discovers who is she meant to be.

3 Debbie Grayson – Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh as Eve in Killing Eve

Debbie Grayson is the mother of Mark and the wife of Omin-Man, who she met after he saved her life, and married knowing that he is an alien. She possesses keen intuition, as she started investigating her husband when she began to suspect that Omin-Man not acting entirely heroic. Like Robot, the original voice actor Sandra Oh would be the best choice for the role of Debbie Grayson. She has showcased her vulnerability and strength in various projects such as Killing Eve and Grey’s Anatomy, which makes her perfect to portray this character again in the live-action film.

2 Omni-Man – Jon Hamm

Jonn Hamm wearing uniform and sunglasses against a blue sky

Omni-Man is a Viltrumite who is shown to be a hero of Earth fighting as a Guardian of the Globe until he eventually betrays them. He is part of an imperialistic race of super-beings that work to assimilate other worlds to become part of the Viltrum Empire. Jon Hamm would be an excellent choice to bring Omin-Mann to life. He not only bears a resemblance to the animated character but would also be able to take on the shifts in personality that Omin-Man expresses throughout the series, which would bring an exceptional villainous performance to the live-action Invincible film.

1 Invincible – Ryan Potter

A close-up of Ryan Potter

Mark Grayson is the son of the most powerful being on Earth, Omin-Man, who eventually attains his powers and trains under his father’s wing. Invincible is fearless and upholds his personal values of doing good for others. Ryan Potter would be an exceptional Invincible, as he would be able to take on the emotional journey of Mark as he discovers his father’s true motivations for coming to Earth. He has also played a superhero before, as he portrayed Beast Boy in the live-action version of Teen Titans, making him up to the task of taking over the title character in the live-action Invincible film.

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