12 Terrifying Video Game Bosses That Were Hilariously Easy To Beat

Recent game franchises such as Dark Souls have reminded gamers that boss fights were once something to dread, offering high-caliber antagonists reminiscent of an era when ‘beating’ a game actually meant something. A common complaint nowadays is that boss fights don’t offer the immense challenge they once did; although some games certainly buck this trend, with soulslike being the most popular genre to embrace strategic and difficult battles.

Often though, video game boss designs don’t match their difficulty level. This makes it all the more humorous when games hype up terrifying bosses, notching up chill-inducing sound effects for an atmospheric build-up – only to have them topple like a house of cards after a few hits.

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12 Jazuo the Drunkard (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice)

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice character overlooking Fountainhead Palace

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is populated by fearsome bosses but, imposing as he seems, Jazuo is by far the easiest. His name gives away his Achilles heel – he is often in a drunken stupor and the player can deal him substantial damage before he has time to recover from his hangover. By avoiding his guards, players can use a power attack on an unsuspecting Jazuo, which skips the first part of the fight. Next, run over to a nearby NPC to enlist his help to distract the boss; as they fight, continue to strike Jazuo in the back, and he’ll be out for the count in no time.

11 Pinwheel (Dark Souls)

 Pinwheel in Dark Souls

When the Chosen Dead encounters Pinwheel in the Catacombs in Dark Souls, they are already deep into the game. This means they have likely upgraded weapons and armor and mastered the game to some degree. Pinwheel has a cool and frightening design, with three Greco-Roman-style masks sitting atop a black cloak from which six arms ‘pinwheel’ about. However, there’s nothing frightening about its fighting ability: he doesn’t deal much damage, and his clones come out too slowly to be of concern. When they do, they can be dealt with a few swipes of the sword. Considering Dark Soul’s pantheon of notoriously hard bosses, Pinwheel is certainly an anomaly.

10 Golem Overlord (Chrono Trigger)

Golem screen in Doom 2 with character looking toward beast

It’s difficult to be mad at this boss for being so easy, as this was the developer’s intention. Chrono Trigger’s Golem Overlord exudes an aura of strength, boasting that he will count down to a powerful strong attack, which he never does, failing to attack the player at any point in the ‘fight.’ The reason for this is a comically human one – the savage, sharp-toothed monster suffers from vertigo. The player can either choose to let the pathetic creature flee from the encounter, or to kill him for experience and tech points.

9 Armored El Gigante – (Resident Evil 4)

The armored El Gigante looking down at Leon hungrily in the RE4 remake.

Like most bosses in the Resident Evil remakes, the Armored El Gigante strikes an intimidating figure, with jagged chain mail and a mask slathered in white paint, somewhat reminiscent of The Lord of the Ring’s cave trolls. This boss has no battle prowess to match this scary facade; however. He roars at Leon while hurling large chunks of (easily avoidable) rock debris at him, and as long as the player can dodge this attack and reach a conveniently placed battle cannon then the fight is as good as over. As long as the player has semi-decent aim, El Gigante will go down immediately making him far more laughably easy than his initial appearance suggests in Resident Evil 4 Remake.


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8 The Destroyer (Borderlands)

The Destroyer sat in mountainside covering vault in Borderlands

Falling into the category of ‘slow blob’ monsters, The Destroyer is one of the most notoriously anti-climatic final bosses in video gaming history. Having spent tens of hours looting and shooting their way through the cell-shaded landscapes of Borderlands, the player finally reaches the much coveted Vault. Defending it is the impressively gargantuan Destroyer, an enemy which absolutely doesn’t live up to its name. Simply shoot the arms, take cover, shoot the head, and repeat ad infinitum until the beast is dead. Despite this being the tongue-in-cheek point of this final boss, the fact The Destroyer doesn’t even drop any cool loot left players disgruntled with Borderlands ending.

7 William Birkin/ G – Final Form (Resident Evil 2)

Neal McDonough as William Birkin in Resident Evil

What makes this breeze of a battle so funny is that the player has already fought William Birkin/ G twice before in Resident Evil 2 Remake – in far harder battles. Both of the prior encounters were tough and scary in different ways – the first fought in tight-angled passages that made it easy for G to corner Leon or Claire. The second was restricted and required perfect timing to knock the monster off a platform. But G’s final form falls into the dreaded ‘slow bob’ category of bosses, as it inches its way down train carriages. This leaves the player ample time to unload ammo (which includes missiles) into its wide, gnawing mouth/eye weak spot.

6 Sauron (Shadows of Mordor)


Sauron is one of the most iconic and frightening on-screen presences in movie (and now TV) history. The sheer depth of his power and evil pave the way for an epic trilogy spanning almost 10 hours. So, players of Shadows of Mordor could be forgiven for thinking that the face-off against this villain would amount to more than a generic dodge, hit, dodge fight that culminates in a quicktime event. For even a non-skilled gamer, the fight should take no longer than 3-5 minutes.

5 Icon of Sin (Doom 2)

Doom II Icon of Sin

Doom II came out in 1994, an era when boss battles were still very difficult to beat. This made beating the Icon of Sin an amusingly easy walk in the park for players who were probably used to more fierce resistance in boss fights. Firstly, the Icon of Sin is part of a wall. This makes it even more static than the ‘slow bob’ enemy types as it literally can’t move at all. Simply dispatch or dodge the monsters it spawns, head to a rising pillar in the map, shoot the beast in its mouth with a rocket launcher, and repeat this process another two times.

4 Poseidon (God Of War 3)

Poseidon God of War staring down menacingly

A common feature in the original God of War trilogies was easy boss battles, as the franchise prioritized cinematic visuals rather than difficulty for these fights. Poseidon in God of War 3 may be the best example of this, as this fight occurs in the first hour of the game and can be considered a ‘tutorial’ boss. Kratos is launching an all-out attack on Mount Olympus, riding on the shoulder of a Titan, and can use the substantial cover his body provides to dodge Poseidon’s trident attacks. From here, it’s only a matter of a few quicktime attack events before Kratos claims his first God scalp of the game.

3 Myra/ The Matriarch (The Evil Within 2)

The Matriarch in her first gigantic mutated form in Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 delivers a surprisingly heart-wrenching ending that does justice to Sebastian Castellanos’s character arc. Part of this comes with his expulsion of family-related guilt in the game’s latter stages, leading to a strong sense of resolution – a large part of this resolution arises from his showdown with Myra. However, good storytelling doesn’t excuse the lackluster nature of this final boss battle, with Myra falling into the ‘slow bob’ category of villains. Simply shoot the obvious bulging weak spots, dodge Myra’s powerful tentacle slam downs and loot ammo from the creatures she spawns.

2 Electrocutioner (Batman: Arkham Origins)

Electrocutioner in Batman games

The set-up to this fight promises a hard boss battle, as cheering crowds welcome the Electrocutioner to a gladiator-style arena in Batman: Arkham Origins. Wielding customized electroshock gauntlets – in a fighting arena full of metal – players could have been forgiven for thinking they were in for a tricky brawl. However, the Electrocutioner turns out to be all bark and no bite, going down with literally one punch. The crowds that swarm the arena following this 5-second ‘fight’ put up far more resistance than the Electrocutioner himself.

1 Incubus (Silent Hill)

Demonologist Silent Hill 4 Easter Egg on Hospital Map with Player Holding a Cross

Silent Hill is one of the most iconic horror series ever made, which makes it all the more hilarious that the final boss can be beaten so easily. Konami designed a fittingly spooky monster with Incubus, a winged bat-human crossbreed that is faced during the Good and Good+ endings. However, it overlooked a simple design flaw – that the player can defeat Incubus by simply running in circles around it, provided they have emptied their inventory of all ammunition. As the game thinks you cannot beat the boss without ammo it will simply skip to the ending, meaing Incubus essentially defeats itself.

Hilariously easy bosses are sometimes placed for comic effect and sometimes included due to gameplay oversights or glitches. Either way, they can be a breath of fresh air in games populated by otherwise challenging adversaries, like Dark Souls.

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