10 Vampire Diaries Filming Locations You Can Actually Visit

Even the biggest fans of the series have wondered where was Vampire Diaries filmed. After filming the pilot episode in Vancouver, British Columbia, The Vampire Diaries moved the entire production to Covington, Georgia, where most of the entire series was filmed as the fictional Mystic Falls. Some Vampire Diaries filming locations can also be found outside of Georgia, though the show rarely shot outside the state.

Whether for casual fans or die-hard long-time viewers who followed the Vampire Diaries Delena episodes, these places are perfect for any Vampire Diaries fan tour. Throughout The Vampire Diaries’ 8 seasons and 170 episodes, Elena (Nina Dobrev), Damon (Ian Somerhalder), and the rest of the ghoulish immortals spent a lot of time hanging out in real locations that fans can physically visit. Among the various establishments are cafes, ice cream shops, boarding houses, public squares, and historical mansions. So, where was Vampire Diaries filmed, and how can viewers find and actually visit these places?

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10 The Mystic Grill

Where was Mystic Grill filmed in Vampire Diaries

Probably the most famous of all The Vampire Diaries filming locations, The Mystic Grill is a real eatery that fans can visit in Covington. The restaurant was opened in 2014 by fans of the show. Viewers may only recognize the outside, as the exteriors of the restaurant were filmed for the iconic Vampire Diaries Mystic Falls haunt, while the interiors were filmed on a sound stage. Nonetheless, it’s a cool, worthwhile place to visit for viewers who remember Alaric recognizing Damon at The Mystic Grill, or that awkward double date at the Grill with Matt, Caroline, Stefan, and Elena. The Mystic Grill can be found at 116 Clark Street, Covington, Georgia.

9 Scoops

Scoops in vampire diaries

Any Vampire Diaries fan tour around Covington wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Scoops, the colorful confectionary ice cream shop that Elena and the gang visit more than once on the show. Though the location didn’t feature as much as The Mystic Grill, Scoops was frequented by The Vampire Diaries cast during filming. For instance, Damon Salvatore’s (Ian Somerhalder) favorite treat at Scoops is the banana pudding milkshake (via Go Covington). To visit Scoops, head over to 1131 Church St., Covington, Georgia. The ice cream shop is located in the heart of Covington Square and is open Monday-Saturday from 11 AM-10 PM and Sunday from 12 Pm- 9 PM.

8 Lockwood Mansion

Lockwood Mansion in Vampire Diaries

One of the most iconic building locations on the show includes Lockwood Mansion, the place where fans can pay respects to the fallen werewolf Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) and his family. Fans can visit the Lockwood Mansion in Covington, although fans might have to travel to two different locations. The first location includes Worthington Manor, a lavish abode situated in Covington. The place is a private residence but can be toured for a price modest price by an outfit called Vampire Stalkers. For those who simply want to snap a picture outside where Klaus killed Mikael, it’s located at 2129 East Street, SE Covington, Georgia.

7 Twelve Oaks Bed & Breakfast

Lockwood Mansion in Vampire Diaries

Where were Vampire Diaries filmed for the Lockwood Mansion flashback scenes? The second Lockwood Mansion is actually the Twelve Oaks Bed & Breakfast, a fully operational tourist spot where visitors can stay overnight. In fact, The Vampire Diaries cast members often stayed there during production themselves. The location plays a prominent role in “Memory Lane,” the fourth episode of season 2. The elegant, upscale Twelve Oaks Bed & Breakfast was built in 1836 and is located at 2176 Monticello St, SW Covington, Georgia. For those who don’t want to stay overnight, daytime tours of the location can be arranged too.

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6 The Gilbert House

Vampire Diaries Filming Locations Gilbert House

Elena and Jeremy Gilbert’s (Steven R. McQueen) house, which burned down in The Vampire Diaries season 4, actually still exists. Long-time viewers who vividly remember how Elena burned down the house to cover for Jeremy’s death may find it surreal to see this particular Vampire Diaries filming location still standing. Currently a private residence, visitors should be more careful when visiting the house. However, it might not prove to be a big problem since only the exterior of the home was used for filming. Those who want to drive by and grab a quick snapshot or selfie should make their way to 2104 Floyd Street, NE Covington Georgia.

5 Grams’ House

Vampire Diaries Filming Locations Shiela Bennett House

Another great stop for any Vampire Diaries fan tour is the house of Shiela “Grams” Bennett (Jasmine Guy), who played Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) grandmother. Bonnie visits the house whenever she needs words of wisdom or encouragement from her beloved family member, resulting in some of the funniest Vampire Diaries quotes alongside the wise insights from Grams. Even after death, Grams’ spirit manages to protect Bonnie when she becomes The Anchor. Those who want to visit Grams’ humble abode and see how it differs from the many historic mansions among Vampire Diaries’ filming locations can head over to 2136 Conyers Street, SE Covington, Georgia.

4 The Clock Tower

Vampire Diaries clock tower Filming Locations

Where was Vampire Diaries filmed during scenes that feature the clock tower in the background? The clock tower that’s often seen on the show is actually part of the Historic Newton County Courthouse, which is located at 1124 Clark Street, SW Covington Georgia. Across the street from the courthouse is a shop called “On Location Gifts,” where fans can buy all sorts of The Vampire Diaries merchandise. Visitors and long-time Vampire Diaries filming location hunters can expect to be welcomed at both places. Non-vampiric visitors will want to avoid reenacting that scene in The Vampire Diaries where Damon and Elena hangs out near the top and then jumps off the clock tower.

3 Whitmore College

Vampire Diaries Filming Locations Whitmore College

While most Vampire Diaries filming locations are in Covington, several other places in Georgia were used as well. One place worthy of visiting is Oxford College of Emory University in Oxford, Georgia, which doubled as Whitmore College on the show. Notably, Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline (Candice King) attended Whitmore in The Vampire Diaries season 5. The college is also where Professor Shane kept most of the strange artifacts in his collection. Located at 801 Emory Street in Oxford, Georgia, the place was founded in 1836, the same year as Twelve Oaks Bed & Breakfast (Lockwood Mansion), and was likely chosen due to its similar Gothic architectural design.

2 Whitmore Frat House

Vampire Diaries murder house filming location

Before leaving Oxford, anyone on a Vampire Diaries fan tour ought to check out the Oxford College fraternity house called Orna Villa. This real location served as the thematic “Murder House” in The Vampire Diaries season 4, episode 4, “The Five.” Even before being accepted to Whitmore, Elena and Damon shared a key moment on The Vampire Diaries by attending a fraternity costume party in this episode, which memorably ended in a grisly massacre and some huge revelations. Erected in the 1820s, the Orna Villa site is just down the street from the Whitmore College campus at 1008 N Emory Street, Oxford Georgia.

1 Salvatore Boarding House

Where was Vampire Diaries Filmed Salvatore boarding house

Much like the Lockwood Mansion, the Salvatore Boarding House seen on the show was filmed using two different Vampire Diaries filming locations. In the pilot, the location used was Foxglove Farm addressed at 6471 224 Street, Langley, British Columbia. The enchanting place has been used for several films and TV shows and can be visited by interested fans. The second location used for the Salvatore Boarding House includes Glenridge Hall, situated at 598 Abernathy Road, NE Atlanta, Georgia. While both sprawling locales feature the same open courtyard driveway and wooded surroundings, eagle-eyed fans will notice the architectural differences. Moreover, visiting both places would require 2,500 travel miles.

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