10 Times Gordon Ramsay Went Too Far

Hell’s Kitchen‘s one of the most popular cooking series, and its star Gordon Ramsay’s famous for his temper on the show. The show has over 20 seasons and 300 episodes in total. Its main plot revolves around finding the best chefs in the world using an elimination-style format. These aspiring cooks live, breathe and bake in Hell’s Kitchen‘s warehouse for weeks, determining who’s the ultimate chef. The contestants on Hell’s Kitchen often go through various challenges, and team up to survive until the final service. They face a lot of stress, thanks to working under the angry Gordon.

Legendary chef Gordon is the biggest reason for Hell’s Kitchen‘s success. The 56-year-old Scotland native is the mastermind behind the show’s concept, and has been doing it since 2004. Gordon began the Hell’s Kitchen British TV series in the early 2000s. That show became the sole inspiration for the Hell’s Kitchen American series that’s been popular since season 1. Besides his achievements, Gordon’s known for being extremely meticulous about cooking. As such, he often gets angry at contestants for failing at tasks, and shouts at them to educate them. Unfortunately, things sometimes get out of hand.

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10 Gordon Ramsay Insults A Female Customer

gordon ramsay hells kitchen looking angry in chef's whites

Gordon has crossed the line multiple times since Hell’s Kitchen‘s debut. One such moment comes from season 2, when Gordon gestures at a female customer’s chest, insinuating that her breasts are too large. He also commented on her upper body, joking that he couldn’t concentrate because of her chest size. This moment was crass and very sexist. Gordon only got a pass for saying such a thing because of his popularity. If it had happened in 2023, social media might have canceled Gordon.

9 Gordon Ramsay Gets Really Rude At Work

Hell's Kitchen Season 6: Gordon Ramsay screams at a contestant

Another of Gordon’s certified savage moments came from a past season of Hell’s Kitchen, when he roasted a mother of six, Polly Holladay During an episode, Gordon asked Polly about her dish, and she claimed it was, “undone focaccia bread.” This name, and the unappetizing plate, triggered Gordon. He told the woman that her cooking was awdul. The Iconic chef said, “I’d rather eat poodle s***,” while evaluating her skills, without trying out what she made. The mother of six, Polly, was certainly disheartened by the comparison. Perhaps Gordon could’ve compared it to something less disgusting.

8 Gordon Ramsay Calls A Chef “French Pig”

Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares honing knives

Gordon is the king of creative names. He calls contestants all kinds of things when they make mistakes, to light a fire under them and encourage them to improve. However, the iconic chef sometimes crosses the line by being too mean. In a past episode, Gordon argued with Chef Michel Bardavid, who didn’t want to cook his menu. He evaluated his kitchen, and stated it was gross and poorly maintained. This comparison angered Michel, who started flaunting his achievements in front of Gordon. As expected, Gordon lashed out at Michel and said, “You run a s**t hole of a kitchen…you work like a pig, you French pig!”

7 Gordon Ramsay Gets In An Argument With Giovanni

Hell's Kitchen Season 10: Gordon Ramsay reads an order off to two chefs

Another of Gordon’s boldest insults comes from Hell’s Kitchen season 5. During one instance, the celebrity chef noticed that one of their main dishes didn’t look right. After spotting the error, Gordon conveyed the same to Giovanni Filipponi, and called him a, “di*k face.” When Giovanni got angry, and tried to retaliate by saying he wasn’t one, Gordon marched toward him from the other side of the kitchen, and called him a “di*k face” again. This chaotic moment became an Internet meme, and tens of millions of people have since viewed it.

6 Gordon Ramsay Doesn’t Mind Using F-Words

Hell's Kitchen Season 3: Gordon Ramsay confronts a chef in the kitchen

Sometimes, contestants and fellow cooks test Gordon’s patience. In an old episode, the celebrity Chef mockingly asked a team of fellow cooks if they could cook without a microwave. One innocent member replies by stating that it would be, “salad,” completely missing Gordon’s main point. As expected, this stupid response makes Gordon lose his temper, as he blatantly screams, “You f*c*ing doughnut, of course, you don’t put f*c*ing salad” in a microwave. The response proves that Gordon can turn anything into an insult, even something as sweet as a doughnut.

Hell's Kitchen Season 2: A Promotional photo of Gordon Ramsay and the season 2 chefs standing with their arms crossed

In another similar scene, Gordon compares a fellow cook to a toilet brush. During the incident, the celebrity Chef gets enraged about having a terrible opening night in Hell’s Kitchen, which leads him to rally Blue Team. He begins by spewing remarks at different cooks, and calling them names based on their characteristics. One of his insults goes toward fellow cook Louross Edralin, who has slightly thick hair. Gordon gives him the nickname,“Toilet Brush,” which is certainly not the compliment one expects from the head chef during the opening night.

4 Gordon Ramsay’s Worst Insult Toward Sebastian

One of Gordon Ramsay’s harshest insults comes from a past Kitchen Nightmares season, where he calmly dismantled fellow cook Sebastian Di Modica. In an interestingly unique interaction, he started talking to Sebastian by acknowledging their history. He then calmly turned his complimenting tone into an insulting one, highlighting that Sebastian’s the only thing that hasn’t improved about that establishment. Subtly, Gordon then utters one of the most memorable lines from the show. He says, “I’ve never ever ever ever ever met someone I believe in as little as you.” The celebrity chef then concludes his statements by undermining Sebastian, and stating that he’ll return to a less significant job soon.

3 Gordon Ramsay Compares Food To Urine

Gordon Ramsay in Masterchef wearing apron green t shirt

Sometimes, Gordon gets really mad at restaurant owners for being completely incompetent. Once, the celebrity chef visited Down City’s Abby and was stunned by her attitude. Abby claimed her food would be 10 out of 10, and encouraged Ramsay to try it. However, the celebrity chef had already tried her soup, which he called, “p*ssy grainy soup.” The dish was stone-cold. He then insults Abby’s other dishes and calls her, “disgusting.” From spitting out Abby’s food to insulting her in front of her employees, Gordon crosses the line in this interaction. However, it may be justified, considering Abby’s poor attitude.

2 Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Cafeteria Parody

Gordon has a lot of physicality and a love for humor. As such, he’s been part of various sketches over the years. In one such clip from The Late Late Show With James Corden, the celebrity chef filmed a funny video where he created his show’s parody and named it Hell’s Cafeteria. In the sketch, Gordon interacted with fake chefs Corden and Julie Chen, who couldn’t cook anything nice. In one scene, the celebrity chef got so angry at Julie that he placed two sandwiches around her face and told her to call herself an, “Idiot Sandwich.” While the video was made for laughs, fans can’t help but wonder if Gordon did the same to a real chef in the past.

1 Gordon Ramsay Calls Joseph “Stupid”

During one episode of Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon wants to know from the head chef Joseph who he’d be eliminating, and why. While Joseph gives two names, he fails to provide any reasons. He simply states, they know why.” This reply was certainly not what Gordon wanted to hear from the head chef. Hence, he gets angry and calls him dumb. When Joseph still doesn’t provide an answer and starts, cursing at other contestants, Gordon comes face to face with him, and dismisses him. He says, now get out,” showing his superiority in front of everyone. The Hell’s Kitchen star and Joseph crossed the line in the scene.

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