10 Characters We Think It Could Be

The Netflix Tudum event revealed that another Addams family member will be added to Wednesday season 2, and there are a few options of who this could be. Several Addams Family characters appeared in the first season of Wednesday, but they have so far been only the titular character’s immediate family. Of course, the 1964 TV series included extended family as well. From cousins and siblings to aunts and in-laws—Wednesday season 2 will include one of them. So, which will it be?

On June 17th, 2023, Netflix celebrated its annual Tudum event, so named for the sound that greets subscribers when they load up the streaming app. Broadcasted from São Paulo, Brazil, the global fan event included interviews, trailers, never-before-seen footage from shows and movies, and news about all the upcoming projects from Netflix. Among these was the teaser that Wednesday season 2 would continue its dive into the Addams Family by including another Addams into the mix, and we have some ideas of who it could be.



10 Cousin Itt

cousin-itt-the-addams-family - Edited (1)

Cousin Itt was first introduced in the Addams Family sitcom, and he immediately became the most memorable of the extended Addamses. Nothing but long hair from top to bottom—front to back—Gomez’s cousin would sometimes come to the Addams mansion for a visit and stay in the attic (though he preferred to sleep in the chimney). As a purely comical character, it might be difficult to include him in Wednesday without breaking the darker tone of the series. Still, he was something of an Easter Egg-mention in Wednesday season 1, so there is always a possibility.

9 Grandmama Addams

Carol Kane as Grandmama Addams in Addams Family Values

Grandmama Addams wasn’t in Wednesday season 1, despite being a resident of the Addams Family mansion and a recurring character on most Addams Family adaptations. This makes her the most likely to appear in Wednesday season 2. This is especially true since the first season’s finale ended with Wednesday on her way home from school (while Nevermore repairs the damage from Crackstone’s resurrection). It’s easy to imagine that Grandmama Addams will be ready to greet her granddaughter once she arrives.

8 Another Descendant Of Goody Addams

Wednesday Season 1 Joseph Crackstone Statue Goody Addams

Though Netlfix’s Tundum event stated that another Addams family member would join the rest in Wednesday season 2, this doesn’t necessarily mean it will be someone from The Addams Family. After all, Wednesday’s ghostly ancestor from season 1, Goody, was technically an Addams. Therefore, this tease may mean that a different ancestor will assist Wednesday with her next big mystery. Of course, this would be a bit of a disappointment for those looking out for their old favorite Addams Family characters, so it may be best if this isn’t the case.

7 Pubert Addams

Addams siblings, the Addams family films (1)

Wednesday and Pugsley were the only two children of Gomez and Morticia in the original Addams Family comic strips and sitcom, but the 1992 Addams Family Values changed this. In this version, the family welcomes baby Pubert, who Wednesday and Pugsley repeatedly tried to do away with, believing that he would replace one of them. Though Wednesday certainly implied that Wednesday and Pugsley were the only Addams children, it’s possible that a little Pubert was at home with a sitter (maybe Grandmama) when the family visited Nevermore. Or, perhaps Gomez and Morticia will have some exciting news to share in Wednesday season 2.

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6 What Addams


Another member of the next generation of Addamses introduced in Addams Family Values, What Addams is the son of Cousin Itt and Aunt Margaret (Itt’s wife in the 1990s Addams Family movies). He is the spitting image of his father—covered from head to toe in long brown hair. However, he was typically shown with a pacifier in what can be assumed to be his mouth. If What was to be included in Wednesday, Cousin Itt would likely be there with him. However, it’s always possible that Gomez and Morticia (or maybe even Wednesday herself) would have to babysit the hairy baby sometime in Wednesday, season 2.

5 Pancho Addams


Wednesday has already included Uncle Fester, but he and Gomez have another brother that could be thrown into the mix in season 2. Pancho Addams, the youngest of the Addams brothers, was only ever seen in Halloween with the New Addams Family, the 1977 Halloween TV special that served as an Addams Family sitcom reunion. He was revealed to have once courted Morticia (before she married Gomez), which could mean for an interesting twist if explored in Wednesday season 2. Since the Netflix series started exploring Morticia and Gomez’s backstory, it could be that it plans to continue the trend.

4 Lady Fingers

Addams-Family-Lady-Fingers (1)

Thing wasn’t the only disembodied hand in the Addams Family sitcom. At one point in the series, the Addamses were visited by Princess Millicent von Schlepp, who brought along her handmaiden, Lady Fingers. She and Thing quickly fell in love and didn’t take long to become engaged. They were then seen to be married in Halloween with the New Addams Family. Though Wednesday would likely change the circumstances of how they met, it could be fun to see Thing get a romantic interest in season 2, and it would technically fulfill the promise for a new Addams family member.

3 Great Auntie Sloom Addams


Great Auntie Sloom is Grandmama Addams’ sister, but only in the 2019 version of The Addams Family. She came to stay in the Addams mansion to help prepare Pugsley for his Mazurka. She was tough to please, and only after Pugsley proved himself by protecting the Addams family home from the rioting neighbors did she grant a sliver of approval. Since this version of The Addams Family was the most recent before Wednesday, she could appear in the Netflix series before the end—or as soon as season 2, of course.

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2 Ophelia Frump

The Addams Family Sitcom Gomez Addams Ophelia Frump

Ophelia may not be an Addams, but she is still a family member by marriage. She is Morticia’s sister and was to her in the Addams Family sitcom what Enid is to Wednesday in the Netflix series. Ophelia was bright, cheery, and a little silly—the antithesis of her sister and the other Addamses. She was initially supposed to marry Gomez, which is certainly not the case in the story in Wednesday. Additionally, the fact that Wednesday and Enid’s room at Nevermore is called Ophelia Hall (something Wednesday and Morticia commented on), but Ophelia wasn’t mentioned in Wednesday indicates there was no plan to include her.

1 Granny Frump


Since Wednesday season 1 explored Wednesday’s relationship with her mom, it could be interesting if season 2 looked at Morticia and her own mother. Granny Frump was technically first introduced in the original Addams Family comic strips since it was her, not Grandmama Addams, that lived in the Addams mansion. However, the sitcom retconned the old lady by making her Gomez’s mother instead. Still, a new Granny Frump was later brought into the series, and it was revealed that she and Morticia had a strained relationship since she tended to favor Ophelia. Overall, including this could help expand the Frump side of the family in Wednesday and add more layers to the mysterious and spooky story.

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