10 Best Ways To Build Relationships In Sims 4 (Traits, Interactions)

Building relationships in The Sims 4 can get tedious. With hundreds of Sims living among a single save file, it can be tough to meet and befriend everyone. But there are several traits, interactions, and other gameplay mechanics that can ease the process.

While some of the better relationship features are in Sims 4 expansion packs, there are still plenty of options in the base game. For PC players, there are also plenty of mods. These can quickly make Sims friends, change the relationship system, or adjust neighborhood story progression.



10 Social Butterfly Kids

Being a Social Butterfly child in Sims 4

Child Sims that finish the Social Butterfly aspiration will gain the Socially Gifted trait, which improves relationships and social skills for the rest of their life. The aspiration can be selected upon aging up from Sims 4 toddler, during Create-A-Sim, or changed during Live Mode. To complete the aspiration, the Sim will need to confirm being a “BFF” with one Sim, and become friends with three other children, and two adults.

This gives existing kids a huge boost to establishing and maintaining friendships. However, hitting all of the aspiration goals can be tough during a short or normal lifespan. Social Butterfly is both easier to earn and gets much more mileage in a long lifespan game.

9 Move Sims into the Same House

Transfering Sims between households in the Sims 4

Sims that live in the same household will automatically like each other. This can quickly be achieved via the Manage Worlds screen, selecting Manage Households in the upper right corner, then Transfer Sims Between Households. The family initiating a move-in can be freely selected from the displayed icons, but those being transferred in are instead sorted by home world.

While the starting relationship will only be middling, the convenience of living together means daily interactions. Once two Sims become friends, players can move the other Sim back out – or even use this method to “steal” another’s house.

NPC roles like maids or firefighters will quit their profession when played and not rejoin said careers.

8 Be in a Positive Mood

Talking an emotion backed Confident Story in Sims 4

Sims should attempt any social interaction while affected by a helpful Sims 4 emotion. Each individual Moodlet adds to an emotional value, with the single highest score determining how the Sim currently acts. Players should aim for Happy, Energized, Inspired, Confident, or Playful. These also grant temporary emotional interactions that help relationships, like Tell Unbelievable Story or Give Pep Talk.

Sims should stop socializing if they are overwhelmed by negative emotions – like Angry or Sad. Some positive Moodlets can also boost bad emotions, making it important to check any multicolored icons or those that have been minimized into thin rectangles on the lower left of the screen. In the meantime, players should work on filling needs or simply wait out a bad emotion’s duration.

7 Co-Host a Social Event

Co-hosting a party in Sims 4

Less sociable Sims can piggyback on their outgoing housemates and family members. This can be done by just being the co-host of a larger get-together. The full host group can invite any Sims they know, even acquaintances and enemies. This lets the entire household get to know friends-of-friends and romances blossom.

Having a goal-centric event will also highly impress guest Sims. House Parties, Kava Parties, and Dinner Parties are the most direct way of improving relations.

Only one of the active Sims needs to concentrate on the event’s tasks – all the other hosts will reap the rewards and new popularity.

6 Start a New Club

Using Club Perks to improve relations in Sims 4

Players that own Sims 4: Get Together can partake in Social Clubs. Being the club leader makes the played Sim acquaintances will all the current and future members. This includes Sims that normally can’t be spoken to, like Sims possessed by the Sims 4: Strangerville Mother Plant. As the leader, players can fine-tune the club to only allow like-minded Sims, activities that foster positive relationships, and buy club perks that make friendships between members flourish quickly.

However, clubs still autonomously persist through the entire save file. When visiting a club’s lot hangout type, members can randomly show up. This can be risky if club activities include something dangerous like swimming in the ocean, grilling over open flames, or attracting meteors with a telescope.

5 Engage in Shared Interests

Selecting Likes and Hobbies in Sims 4 CAS

NPCs are always more cordial and receptive toward their personal tastes. Players will want to inquire about a target Sims’ career, favorite color, and taste in music. From there they can ask about hobbies and skills they themselves have previously engaged in, like Local Fishing Spots or Talk about Cooking. If the potential Sim reciprocates, consider inviting them to do an activity together – like playing chess with a brainy Sim.

Note that an NPC’s career and skills might not align with their “Likes” and “Dislikes”. A high-level Athlete with many Fitness ranks could despise working out. Always be sure to check the conversation mood at the top of the screen.

If it becomes tense or boring, change subjects or abort the interaction completely.

4 Inspired Explorer Reward

Exploring Sims 4 Windenburg with a group

By completing various aspirations goals or daily whims, players will earn Lifetime Happiness points. 1,000 of this currency can be spent in the Rewards Shop on the Inspired Explorer trait. This will give the played Sim relationship and skill boosts for all interactions in other worlds.

While the trait gives no bonuses at home, it is great if one lives in a sparse location – like Newcrest or Magnolia Promenade. The latter map is even free for Sims 4 EA Play subscribers that download the EA Play Edition. The Sim can then do the majority of their interactions in a bustling town like San Myshuno, Mount Komorebi, or Windenburg.

3 Unlock Charisma Interactions

Practicing Speech with a mirror in Sims 4

Teen and older Sims unlock special interactions with each Charisma rank. This can easily be done by Practicing Speech at any mirror. Charisma not only rewards more relationship points on a successful interaction but also raises the chance that Mischief and Comedy will succeed.

The biggest bonus is at rank eight, where one learns Enchanting Introduction. This gives a large relationship boost when meeting Sims for the first time. Going further on the Charisma track is more for careers and ways to earn extra money. Still, it can be a good idea to also enroll in a Charisma-based career, like Culinarian’s Mixologist branch.

2 Gregarious Aspiration Trait

Sims 4 Popular Aspirations yield the Gregarious trait

Sims gain bonus traits related to their Aspiration when first made in Create-A-Sim. The most helpful trait to form bonds is Gregarious, which boosts the speed of relationship gains. This is attached to any Popularity Aspiration, like Joke Star, Party Animal, Friend of the World, or Leader of the Pack.

Gregarious is not gained when switching Aspirations in Live Mode – nor is it lost when removing a Popularity Aspiration. This can be exploited to have different Aspirations and traits to utilize various bonuses. Afterward, players will need to go back into Create-A-Sim to make adjustments that reflect EA’s intended designs.

1 Besties Introduction

Ranking up fame for Instant Besties in Sims 4

High-end celebrities from Sims 4: Get Famous can completely bypass the relationship system. Four-Star celebrities can invest in the middle path of the Fame Info skill tree and purchase “Instant Besties”. This allows Sims the choice to make another person a True Friend upon introduction.

However, the same celebrity is not as inviting when freely roaming around Del Sol Valley. If players control another active Sims 4 household and run into their created celebrity, they will be just as snooty as any other NPC. Instead, one can quickly switch control back to the famous Sim and befriend their newly made family.

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