1 MCU Avenger Secretly HATES the Fantastic Four

One Avengers member isn’t the biggest fan of the Fantastic Four. In a one-shot titled Marvel TV: Galactus – The Real Story, a made-for-television news special claims that Galactus does not and never has existed. Even more damning is the allegation that Galactus is merely a hoax perpetuated by the Fantastic Four themselves.


To push this narrative, the news program holds candid interviews with anonymous heroes and villains in the comic by Frank Tieri, Juan Santacruz, Angel Marin, and Nate Piekos. Among these interviews is a member of the Avengers. Although his face is hidden and he’s assured anonymity, readers can tell from the uniform and backdrop that the Avenger is none other than Hawkeye (played by Jeremy Renner in the MCU.) Hawkeye provides a scathing run-down of how he truly feels about Marvel’s first family, claiming they’re essentially frauds.

Hawkeye Hates the Fantastic Four

hawkeye hates the avengers

Not only does Hawkeye run with the narrative that the news program is trying to push, but he also suggests that they exaggerate their victories to compete with the Avengers. Hawkeye lists off the Fantastic Four’s villains, making the team sound as bad as possible by name-checking Mole Man, Mad Thinker, and Puppet Master as evil-doers the Avengers would never even bother to square off against. The cherry on the cake is that the show later poses ‘gotcha’ questions to several heroes, with Hawkeye pretending he has nothing to say about the Fantastic Four once he’s no longer ‘anonymous.’

Hawkeye’s Grudge Actually Makes Sense

hawkeye hates the fantastic four

While the comic is tongue-in-cheek, it actually makes sense that Hawkeye would dislike the Fantastic Four – especially if the interview took place early in his career. Originally, Clint Barton was characterized as someone desperate to prove himself and prone to endless superhero beef, including constantly undermining Captain America as the Avengers’ team leader. This was made more intense by the fact that Hawkeye was on the second Avengers roster, aka Cap’s Kooky Quartet, who were criticized by the public for not equaling the originals. After a rough and tumble life, and possessing no powers, Hawkeye constantly felt the need to prove himself, so it makes sense he’d badmouth the ‘competition’ if he got the chance.

Hawkeye Used to Pick Fights with Other Heroes

avengers hawkeye mocks captain america

While Hawkeye has most recently been depicted as a laid back hero working on ground-level problems, for a long time he was the Avengers’ resident agitator, doing everything he could to annoy authority – just and unjust alike. As Marvel’s First Family, the Fantastic Four represent the idea of what a superhero team is in the Marvel Universe, and apparently that angered Hawkeye enough for the Avenger to contribute to the idea that they routinely fake their victories.

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